Sunday, September 23, 2007

Amaya at 6 months

Six months old. Wow. Growing so fast. Here are some of Amaya's 6 month pictures, which were taken on Sept. 15th. I scanned these into our computer from paper proofs, so excuse the quality. They are a bit grainy, but this way we can share Amaya's 6 month pictures now, rather than waiting a month for our order to arrive.

Amaya had her 6 month check-up this past week. More shots. Uh-oh. Smile, smile. Amaya weighed 14 lbs. 8 oz. and was 25 1/2 inches long. Getting big, relatively speaking that is. Amaya is on the verge of crawling. We are guessing she'll be crawling by the end of the week. She still does her push-ups, and now she scoots across the floor like an inchworm. She also gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth, and has even proceeded forward a few "steps" in this position, which surely is the beginning of her crawl. Swimming lessons are going well. Amaya mastered her float on Wed., floating independently on her back for several minutes. Now she is working on her roll-over, which she did once Friday, but still needs practice to master. It's been fun watching her learn her new skills. We look forward to her graduation day (from swimming lessons) and seeing all her new tricks come together. I will post a video of her "swimming" when she gets closer to graduation. Let's see, what else. Amaya has spoken her first word. She said da-da several times on Sept. 14th and the rest of that weekend, but then stopped when swimming lessons started. I guess it's normal for babies to back off on their vocalization as they learn new skills. she said da-da, again. Which makes sense because she has the weekends off from swimming. Amaya continues to be a joy. It's so fun to watch her playing and to watch her explore her world. She continues to be a "talker", always jabbering, and she continues to be very cheerful, always smiling and giggling.

Well, I think that's about all for now. We hope this blog entry finds you all enjoying a wonderful fall Sunday.

Love always,

P.S. Amaya had a ball watching the Packers win vs. the Chargers at B-Dubbs today. She loves going there on Sundays! It's hilarious watching her. A sports fan already.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Survival Swimming Lessons

First things first: learning to float.

More floating practice.

Face-down time.

End with a burp, or two, or eight.

Tuckered out after swimming lessons. Time to rest.

Push-Ups: Amaya's New Favorite Thing To Do

So strong.

Perfect form.

Working-out is sooo fun!

Military style: up on the tippie-toes.

Cool-down time.

Watching the Pack at B-Dubbs

Yeah! Game time, again!

I love it here at B-Dubbs!

We didn't get the Packer game on t.v. this week, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game and had a blast. AZ is smoke-free, so we didn't have to worry about that. And B-Dubbs is nice and loud, so Amaya could "talk" as much and as loud as she wanted. She truly had a ball. All the excitement around her helped. And, of course, it helped that the Packers won! She also very much enjoyed gnawing on the carrot sticks they brought us. Perfect teether if cut just right. We even had some people come over and ask if they could take a picture of the little Packer-Backer. Kind of funny. The picture taker was a Lions fan, but the other guy was a Packer fan. Also, Amaya developed a little fan club of her own. There were 4 little girls there "watching football" with their respective parents, and they tended to migrate around the place during the game. One of their frequent stops, the ladies bathroom. So, when Amaya had her own "blowout", the little girls enjoyed watching the production of getting her changed. The first comment: "We've seen a lot of babies come in here, but she's the cutest." Second comment..."She stinks." So, Amaya got the cutest, but stinkiest award at B-Dubbs on Sunday. Go Pack Go!

Amaya's Playdates- Lunch with Will, Anjee, and Mae

Will and Amaya, together again.

Checking each other out.

"Holding hands."

Having their first little "tift."

Back to playing.

Amaya's Playdates- Lunch with Will, Anjee, and Mae

Amaya and Mae

Going out to lunch is sooo fun!

Will and Mommy

Will is so nice. He let mommy hold Amaya.

Amaya and Anjee- Story behind the picture: I kid you not... Amaya wouldn't look at the camera for a picture with Anjee, so we looked up to see what she was looking at. Amaya was staring at the t.v. She was transfixed. What was on the t.v.? A story on ESPN about the Packers. No lie. Already a fan. Smile, smile.

Gotta love Chipotle

Since Amaya has teeth now...

we figured that if we want to be good parents...

we should introduce Amaya to...

Chipotle. Yum!

Just kidding. She's not eating tacos or burritos quite yet, but soon.
Smile, smile. Thanks for the cute Chipotle onesie Fullers!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is here.

It is so strange. It actually
feels like fall! We never thought it would feel like fall living in AZ, but it does. The temps are cooler, comparitively speaking (not by midwest standards). It is getting dark earlier in the evening and getting light later in the morning. Back to school commercials are on t.v. The NFL has started a new season. And honeycrisp apples are finally available, again. Gotta love it. Fall is the best. Now we just need to take a weekend excursion into the mountains so we can experience the leaves turning. Smile, smile. So....Happy Fall to everyone! -SBandA

P.S. I know it's not officially fall, yet. But fall starts for us when it feels like fall and when football starts. So there you go.

P.P.S. Amaya does have a cheerleader outfit, as you can see in the picture. It doesn't quite fit yet, but it should emerge into her game day attire later on this season. She even has pom poms and matching bobby socks. Thanks to Paul and Deb for the adorable ensemble. Meanwhile, she will continue to look cute in her Packer warm-up ensemble. Thanks Ryan, April, and Reagan. Amaya just has the attire reversed. Official Packer cheerleaders are wearing the above-type ensemble now, then they switch to the warm-up ensembles come Nov. Brrr. Gotta love the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. Go Packers!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

Hanging with mom and dad before the game starts.

Daddy is being silly!

We love our Packers!!!

Counting down the minutes until game time.

Passing time with my Packer Bear.

Kick-off time

My first Packer game. I am soooo excited!


Did you see how far he threw that?!?!

That was a bogus call (taking after dad, already). LOL

Yeah, first down (catching on already).

Amaya Watching the Game

Woo, woo, woo!! Touchdown!!

Whoa! What a tackle!!

Absorbed in the game!

Did you see that, dad? Wow!

This is sooo much fun! Go Pack Go!

Packers Win!!!

We won!!!


That was sooo fun! When's the next game?

My goodness, I've never seen daddy so excited.