Monday, June 30, 2008

Amaya Update

Here is my little spaghetti head (make that capellini head). She just loves to "help" in the kitchen. Amaya had her 15-month check-up this past Friday (the 27th). And much to our surprise, she's still not 20 lbs. Crazy considering how much food she can put away. Her eating ability has become legendary. The pediatrician said rear-facing she must stay for now. She doesn't seem to mind, so that's good. They say it's safer to stay rear-facing as long as possible now anyway. So, I guess that means we still don't have to buy a new carseat. I am glad I bought the super-duper version to begin with, since she's so long now. Our carseat holds a child up to 30 pounds and 32 inches long. So, anyway, she weighed in at 19 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 31.5 inches long (which I am actually calling 31 inches because the head line was drawn 0.5-1 inch past Amaya's head). She got 4 shots, bless her little heart. And her Dr. was very impressed with her development, particularily her vocabulary, saying she's "speaking" at a 20-month-old level. Little did he know her true talent lies in dancing. Smile, smile. That will be my goal for next weeks blog entry. To post a video clip of Amaya bustin' a move.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Play Date, Pool Party Style

Amaya and I hosted a pool party this past Wed. for our play group. Amaya enjoyed sharing her pool with her little friends and had so much fun she looks forward to doing it again!
Here Amaya is checking out Brooklyn's carseat. She proceeded to remove the items it contained and crawl on in.
She just sat there hanging out. Soooo funny. You just wonder what's going on in her mind. Is she thinking 'maybe if I sit in the carseat I'll get to go somewhere in the car', or is she just tired of waiting for brunch to be over so she can swim, or lastly, are those carseats truly that comfortable? Maybe they should make them in adult sizes. Smile, smile.
Here Will is either telling Amaya that that is not her carseat, or to get out it's his turn.
Mae and baby Brooklyn.
Sweet little Ellie.
Newest additions to the playgroup: baby Brooks and new mommy Casey.
Brooklyn and Brooks splish splashin' their feet.
Ellie says, "Whoa, look at the pool. Let's go mommy (Joo)."

Cool Dude Will
The "older" kids and actually, coincidentally, the "older" moms.
Brooklyn and Brooks...what a pair!
Ellie Chillin' Hippo Style

Will Chillin' Turtle Style

Eight Perks of Being Delayed 7.5 Hours At The Omaha Airport

Scott, Amaya and I had the pleasure of spending 8.5 hours in the Omaha airport before flying home to AZ. We were seriously thinking of buying a home we were there so long and were delayed so many times. We didn't think we'd ever be leaving! In years past and sans our precious little daughther, this wouldn't have been such a big deal. We would hang out, listen to our ipods, watch a movie, buy a magazine, basically relax. Not such a bad way to spend time. But, with an active toddler along, we grew more and more nervous with each delay, wondering how our little one would fair without her naps and getting home so late, or what ended up being getting home "tomorrow" rather than "today." But, we came to discover the perks of being the last flight out of the day. And Amaya continued to prove herself to be a great traveler. Thank goodness.

Perk #1
Plenty of space to stretch your legs. We had a whole wing to ourselves.
Make that almost to ourselves. There's a random lady in the background I guess.
Here's our gate. They were able to reroute a lot of people, so our flight ended up being pretty open. They rerouted all of those with connecting flights. Those with a final destination of Phoenix were the ones who got to close down the airport. So Perk #2: we got our own entire row of seats, both sides of the aisle (6 seats). Score!Literally. We were the last flight out. We left at 10pm finally. The last flight is usually 815pm, so I am sure the staff wasn't to pleased. That brings me to Perk #3: you become on a first name basis with the Omaha Airport staff. That's how I learned the last flight is usually 815pm. From our good friend Janitor Charles. Note our flight on the board below. The only flight left. All the other flights listed were for Tues.
We were there long after the "gift shop" closed...
the shoeshiners had gone home...
and the "restaurant" had closed. Which brings me to Perk #4: dinner on US Airways at "the restaurant." Although we must admit, dinner was actually quite good, by airport standards.
Perk #5: No one minds when you entertain your toddler by running up and down the rows of chairs pushing her in a stroller.
Perk #6: Plenty of space for a pick-up football game. Note Scott and Amaya watching in the pic below (to the right).
Amaya loved watching the football game! So much that she tried with all her might to participate. She'd didn't last long on Scott's lap. She kept wriggling free. Then she began a game of cat and mouse, weaving among the chairs trying to lose us and gain an opportunity to run onto "the field" and join the game. Miss No Fear is back. She never gave up trying. She is persistent. Even when we got her ball out and began our own game in another open area of the airport. She continued to wait for opportunities to make a mad dash towards the big kids game. So funny!
Perk #7: No lines in the bathrooms. No, I didn't take a picture for this one.

And last but definitely not least

Perk#8: 8.5 hours of quality family time. Looking back we realized that our time spent in the Omaha airport was really a gift of sorts. 8.5 hours of quality time hanging out together without all the interruptions of home life and technology (with the exception of cell phones). We are sure that's why Amaya did so great. She had mom and dad playing with her all day in yet another new environment to explore with more new people to meet. Score for the little one!

I must add one more story about our return travels. Amaya did surprisingly well on the flight home. Even though she's a seasoned and good traveler, I wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't do well on the flight, considering she'd missed her naps, with the exception of one catnap on the car ride to the airport, and considering our flight left around her bedtime. But, she thankfully fell asleep for the first 90 minutes of our flight. Then she was awake for awhile, and was just falling back asleep when we began our decent into Phoenix. Now, mind you, she has yet to let our even a single cry the whole day, but she got woken up by the intercom, and wasn't happy about it. She began to fuss. She had fussed for no longer than 1-2 minutes when a flight attendent came over and told us to give our child a pacifier. I said she didn't want her pacifier and she truly didn't. She never wants it unless she's in her crib. He said "she needs to suck for her ears, that's why she's crying." (No kind sir, that is a myth. This is our child's 11th flight and this is the first time she has cried on a flight...and she's never utilized a pacifier on take off or landing. Any NICU Dr. will tell you that. Mr. Flight Attendent, our child is crying because she's overtired from a 7.5 hour delay. Thank you very much.) That is what I wished I said. Smile, smile. What I did say was simply that she was just overtired, it wasn't her ears. Then came the kicker. He said I should coat her paci in honey so she'd take it. Can you believe that. Hopefully most parents know that honey can be life threatening to children under 2 due to botulism spores. But I thought to myself after he left, "how many parents a day does he tell this to, how many don't know about botulism, and how many actually follow the advice and accept the honey. Scary. So, needless to say, I was glad I knew. But was still shocked at the flight attendent's adacity considering Amaya was only fussing a little, only fussed for about 5 minutes total, and considering the delay his airline put us through. You'd think he'd a been a little more patient and kind. Guess not.

Here is Amaya Tues. the 23rd looking a "little" jet lagged. Her boyfriend Jaxon had recently returned Amaya's bouncie seat and Amaya saw it sitting in the hallway. She was so excited. She crawled in it by herself, so I strapped her in and let her enjoy the reunion while I worked on laundry.

"I use to be able to hit the parrot with my foot. What's the deal. This is frustrating."
"Oh, I remember these lights and sounds. Lots of good memories."

"O.K. I can still spin the birdie if I use my knee. Cool."
"O.K. mom. I'm done. You can unbuckle me. I am going to go roam with my bubbles now."
"And mom...I think I could use a bath!"

Amaya Visits Sioux Falls

On Sunday, the 22nd, we took a sidetrip to Sioux Falls to visit some friends.

Here Amaya is so excited to be going to meet her new little friends.
Here is Reagan, pretty in pink.
Little Jack thinking, "I wish that lady would stop taking pictures of me."
Joe the Bubble King. Amaya was quite impressed as you can see.
Jack "Hercules" Jacobson, showing his super-toddler strength.
Amaya's turn on the little car. We learned she likes to drive in reverse.

Amaya Visits Dakota Dunes

We traveled to South Dakota on June 19th for a long weekend visiting family and friends. This was Amaya's tenth flight, and thankfully she did great. Especially considering she's no longer a baby like last time we flew. She's now a very active toddler. She enjoyed to process getting to the gate and even seemed to enjoy the flight, despite not having that much room to do her favorite pasttime...roam. She passed the time by eating (there's a surprise, smile, smile), looking out the window, and playing, then eating again. We arrived in Omaha with no complications and Amaya slept during the drive to Dakota Dunes. Yeah! Upon arriving, she had to get reacquainted with Meggie Mitchell (golden retriever). Amaya didn't warm up to her as quickly as last time. But once the warming up period was over, they were fast friends. Amaya enjoyed seeing Grandma Kim and Grandpa John again, and quickly made herself at home. She took it upon herself to roam and explore. A whole new environment to check out...that's Christmas to a 15 month-old. The rest of the weekend was filled with seeing family and friends, swimming and playing outside. We were outside about 90-95% of our waking hours. We had luckily picked the perfect weekend to visit SD. The usual humidity left for the weekend and returned a couple days after we left. Amaya loved that! She just loves being outside. Scott and his buddies had perfect weather for their annual Dakota Dunes golf invitational, so that was nice. Although that way they couldn't blame their scores on the weather. Bummer. So, here are "a few pics" from our weekend at "The Dunes."
Amaya says, "Oh my goodness, they have bubbles here, too. This is going to be awesome!"
Amaya roamed and roamed outside carrying the bubbles everywhere she went.
"Hmm, there's no water in this pool. It's filled with plants instead. Interesting."
Amaya and cousins Jena and Lauren. Cousin Brycen wasn't interested in getting in the picture with the girls."Flower girls"
Amaya and Jena
Amaya's first golf cart ride. Usually the brave one, she clung to Grandma as if her life depended on it. And with daddy driving, it probably did. Smile, smile.
Grandma Kim and Amaya in daisy land.
Hey, there's the photographer and her husband.
Amaya in a rare moment sitting in the grass. She was "roaming" 99% of the time we were in the backyard.

Look at this grass mommy. It's different than our grass.
Picking Grandma's flowers.
What a good girl. She just picked one. A conservationist already.
Amaya roaming with her walking stick...
she must be planning a long journey.

The sun has set. Time for Amaya to contemplate her golf game for the next day.
Visiting the swans. Scott had to hold Amaya back because she wanted to join them in the pond.
What a peaceful and tranquil little spot!
The life of a swan isn't so bad!
That's all the pics I am posting from our time at the dunes. I was once again a bad photographer, not getting pics of the boys on their golf outing or pics with Amaya and Brycen, aunt Amy, uncle Brian, Meggie, Grandma Marilyn or Grandpa John. Although that's really not entirely my fault. Amaya is as much to blame because she is so busy roaming most the time it's hard to get her to stop and visit people long enough for a photo. I'll try harder next time. I will be posting pics from our sidetrip to Sioux Falls and our "side vacation" to the Omaha airport next. Stay tuned.