Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amaya Visits Dakota Dunes

We traveled to South Dakota on June 19th for a long weekend visiting family and friends. This was Amaya's tenth flight, and thankfully she did great. Especially considering she's no longer a baby like last time we flew. She's now a very active toddler. She enjoyed to process getting to the gate and even seemed to enjoy the flight, despite not having that much room to do her favorite pasttime...roam. She passed the time by eating (there's a surprise, smile, smile), looking out the window, and playing, then eating again. We arrived in Omaha with no complications and Amaya slept during the drive to Dakota Dunes. Yeah! Upon arriving, she had to get reacquainted with Meggie Mitchell (golden retriever). Amaya didn't warm up to her as quickly as last time. But once the warming up period was over, they were fast friends. Amaya enjoyed seeing Grandma Kim and Grandpa John again, and quickly made herself at home. She took it upon herself to roam and explore. A whole new environment to check out...that's Christmas to a 15 month-old. The rest of the weekend was filled with seeing family and friends, swimming and playing outside. We were outside about 90-95% of our waking hours. We had luckily picked the perfect weekend to visit SD. The usual humidity left for the weekend and returned a couple days after we left. Amaya loved that! She just loves being outside. Scott and his buddies had perfect weather for their annual Dakota Dunes golf invitational, so that was nice. Although that way they couldn't blame their scores on the weather. Bummer. So, here are "a few pics" from our weekend at "The Dunes."
Amaya says, "Oh my goodness, they have bubbles here, too. This is going to be awesome!"
Amaya roamed and roamed outside carrying the bubbles everywhere she went.
"Hmm, there's no water in this pool. It's filled with plants instead. Interesting."
Amaya and cousins Jena and Lauren. Cousin Brycen wasn't interested in getting in the picture with the girls."Flower girls"
Amaya and Jena
Amaya's first golf cart ride. Usually the brave one, she clung to Grandma as if her life depended on it. And with daddy driving, it probably did. Smile, smile.
Grandma Kim and Amaya in daisy land.
Hey, there's the photographer and her husband.
Amaya in a rare moment sitting in the grass. She was "roaming" 99% of the time we were in the backyard.

Look at this grass mommy. It's different than our grass.
Picking Grandma's flowers.
What a good girl. She just picked one. A conservationist already.
Amaya roaming with her walking stick...
she must be planning a long journey.

The sun has set. Time for Amaya to contemplate her golf game for the next day.
Visiting the swans. Scott had to hold Amaya back because she wanted to join them in the pond.
What a peaceful and tranquil little spot!
The life of a swan isn't so bad!
That's all the pics I am posting from our time at the dunes. I was once again a bad photographer, not getting pics of the boys on their golf outing or pics with Amaya and Brycen, aunt Amy, uncle Brian, Meggie, Grandma Marilyn or Grandpa John. Although that's really not entirely my fault. Amaya is as much to blame because she is so busy roaming most the time it's hard to get her to stop and visit people long enough for a photo. I'll try harder next time. I will be posting pics from our sidetrip to Sioux Falls and our "side vacation" to the Omaha airport next. Stay tuned.

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