Friday, May 25, 2012


If you read this blog, you know I mainly blog about our sweet little daughter and our vacations.  Well, we went to Napa a couple weeks ago with fabulous friends, so it's time to share that adventure.  Lucky for me one of those fabulous friends is also a fabulous blogger.  Why reinvent the wheel?  She blogged about our trip so nicely, I shall just share the link to her blog.  Easiest blog post for me EVER.  :)  Make sure to scroll down...she blogged a couple times about Napa since we've been back.  While you are at it, enjoy some pictures of her adorable daughters.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Little Graduate

 Yes, I got teary during the ceremony.  Another one of those bittersweet mommy moments.  Pride, sadness, love and happiness all rolled into one emotion.
 Diploma time
 The director, Miss Shannon, Amaya, and one of Amaya's teachers, Miss Joanna.
 Amaya's other teacher, Miss Laree, is behind the balloons.
 Amaya and Miss Joanna
 The traditional hat toss
 They are now officially kindergartners.
Amaya and Miss Laree