Monday, August 23, 2010

A Special Day Calls For Me To Come Out Of Blogging Retirement

*Saturday morning we were eating breakfast before Scott left to go golfing. He asked me the question he always asks me before he golfs. "What am I going to shoot today?" It's been a tradition around our house that I give him my prediction before he leaves. Sometimes I am right. Sometimes I am close. Sometimes I am pleasantly surpised. And occasionally we have to hit the driving range :). It's a fun tradition.

*Well, last summer I decided it's about time Scott hits a hole-in-one. I planted that seed in his head that he is due. It's time. I tried to 'law-of-attract' that for him. I first mentioned it when we were back for our annual visit to S.D., thus Scott's annual tourney at Dakota Dunes with some of his closest buddies, his brother and his dad. I thought that would be extra special if it could happen then. Nope, not yet. Occasionally since then I will tell Scott today is the day in addition to making my total score prediction. Well, I did add that "today was the day" on Sat. I didn't necessarily believe it. I say it all the time, knowing that eventually it would happen, but who knows when.

*Well, turns out I was finally right.

*Scott arrived home on Saturday with nothing seeming out of the ordinary. He casually held out his score card for me to see. He usually just tells me what he shot, but I didn't think anything of it. I looked at his score and I was excited to see he had a fabulous round. He shot a 73. I was happy for him and said something congratulatory. But he told me to take another look. Now I knew something was up. I scanned the rest of the card and immediately saw the 1 with 2 circles around it. It stood out like a beacon on a foggy night.

*We proceeded to do a bit of celebration. Hugs, high-fives, laughter, some fist pumps, some hoots and hollars. It was like the Packers just won the Super Bowl (law-of-attraction please work again). It was a fun moment I will always remember. Scott will always remember that moment in addition to "the moment."

*THE MOMENT: It was hole #17, 195 yards, at Club West. He hit a 5-iron. He hit it well and the ball appeared to be "right at it." Which means right at the pin for those of you who don't golf. He thought it could go in and conversation among his golf buddies ensued regarding this exciting possiblility. The ball landed directly in front of the pin and rolled right in. Celebration ensues. One of Scott's golf buddies, Mike, took pictures with his phone and emailed them to Scott to capture the event. See below. Then after the round of course they followed tradition and celebrated with a few rounds of cocktails. That was the best bar tab Scott's ever picked up in his life!