Friday, September 17, 2010

Amaya Update

(Falling asleep at dinner, see story in paragraphs 3 & 4)
I have been a bad blogger this summer. It didn't really register that I hadn't blogged all summer until Scott got a hole-in-one and I went to blog about it. Oops. I hadn't even uploaded any photos since May. Guess it's time to upload, edit, and print the entire summer's photos, all 1000 of them. Then I get to put them all in albums. Fun. Anybody enjoy that task? If so, first of all you can come help me....then you can go see a therapist. ;) The finished product is worth the effort, though. Amaya loves to look through our photo albums and someday she'll cherish having them. So I shall keep doing it.

Now that our summer photos are on our computer, I plan to start a series of blog entries entitled Amaya's Summer Fun to share what she has kept us busy doing all summer long. But first, since it has been soooo long since I've blogged, I thought I'd simply do an Amaya update. The photo above inspired me to do so.

The above photo was taken early last week. Amaya had about a 10-day period of record eating even for her. And those of you who have seen her eat know it would be hard to top her normal eating. But she did. I shall give you an example. I swear on the bible and all that I hold dear none of the following is an exageration.

The first day of this tremendous growth spurt started with Amaya eating her usual piece of pb and j toast with some milk. She then asked for a 2nd piece and ate 3 of the 4 triangles. Then she proceeded to ask for a bowl of cantaloupe, followed by a piece of cheese, then blueberries (where she consumed half of the container). She still wasn't done. After eating all of that she asked for grapes and ate atleast a cup full. When she was finally done eating "breakfast", we went to the gym. We would normally eat lunch when we get home at 11am, but I thought there is no way she will be hungary already, we'll swim first. But nope, she proceeded to ask for a ham and cheese sandwich, eating the entire thing sans the crusts. Then she asked for some cucumbers and some peppers, along with some more milk. Sheesh. I couldn't eat that much. I was beginning to think she had a tape worm. I couldn't keep her full for about 10 days like I said above and during this time she'd take naps in the afternoon where we couldn't get her to wake up even at dinner time. We make her wake up and she'd just fall asleep at the counter as you can see above. It was so funny. She'd sleep for up to 3 hours where as her norm lately was to more often than not not even take a nap. Well, it was indeed a growth spurt. She gained 2 lbs. and grew 2 inches. We could see her dresses visibly getting shorter and shorter on her. So bizarre when it seems they practically grow over night. She now weighs 30# and is 39 inches tall.

Other than growing, Amaya stays busy dancing, talking, "playing soccer", talking, playing in general, including playing princess and toy story, swimming, doing art projects, doing puzzles, reading books, going to the park and more talking. She loves to play with all her friends and frequently tells me she misses them. She loves playdates. She loves ponies, mermaid and buzz lightyear. Those are her current faves. She already has her wishlist ready for Santa and reminds us daily, but atleast she understands that she has to wait for Christmas. Got to love commercials. We do limit her t.v., but the sheer volume of toy commercials on one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba is plenty to get a toddler in a toy frenzy. Got to love marketing. We hear daily that she wants a mermaid scooter, a barbie pool, a pink pony like Brooklyn's, and a big, big, big buzz light year. Boy, she's going to have to be a very, very good girl!

So, that's Amaya's latest. Stay tuned for pics from summer. Happy football season all. Go Pack!