Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Little First-Grader

Back to School
Monday was our little sweetheart's first day of first grade.  She was so excited to see all her school friends and hang out on the big kid playground.  She had a great first day and couldn't wait to go back for more.  

All set to go with new gear.

Beaming with excitement.

In the sea of kids Amaya managed to find one of her besties, Delaney, right away.

Shortly there after, she found another bestie, Kyliegh.

Girlfriends are the best!  Wish I was able to get a picture of Amaya with her "sisters" (Riley and Ilayda), too!

It is our tradition to greet Amaya with flowers after her first day back at school.  This year she requested pink, red, and purple roses.  I managed to come through with pink and red roses, and purple daisies.