Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chearleading socks and shoes...

...and a couple of close-ups as Amaya tries to get the camera cord.

Hanging at B-dubbs on Sunday... as usual

Amaya waving at the camera.

Amaya observing people at the next table and being confused as to why anyone would wear those ugly purple jerseys. Smile, smile.

Amaya enjoying watching the Pack.

Wrist rattles make for great half-time entertainment.

Amaya nervously chewing on one of her toys before the Pack started getting their game together and playing like they're capable of (notice the picture of daddy on the end of the toy).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amaya's First Christmas- part 1 (12-9-07)

Amaya's Stocking (thanks Grandma Cindy)
Typical child...the wrapping paper is more interesting than the toys...
oh, and the bows, too. Don't forget the bows.
After Amaya had enough of playing with the paper, ribbon, and bows, it was time to check out her new toys.
And of course she had to check out the lights on the Christmas tree.

Dinner Date with Jaxon

Some humorous conversation...

some high-fiving...

and a little r and r...

makes for a super-fun dinner date.

Amaya says, "oh no, it's already time to go home. That went fast."

Friday, December 7, 2007

Amaya and Will, together again

Amaya and Will got to go on another date today. Chaperoned of course. It's been awhile since they've had an opportunity to get together, so at first Amaya didn't quite remember Will. She was leary of his touch. But they soon bonded over toast, as you can see. Memories in the making.

P.S. I forgot to mention in my Thanksgiving post that Amaya is now a t.v. star. She's a local celebrity. O.K. Not quite. But she did make her t.v. debut on the local news for her swimming. She looked quite cute in her little bikini. Someday I will get around to getting video clips on our blog. Probably after the holidays. When I do, I will add some swimming footage and the news clip.

Have a good one!
Love always,

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Newest Packer Cheerleader

Pre-game warm-up is over (aka naptime).

Rested up and dressed up for the game. Look at my cute socks.

O.K. mom. Let me out of here. The minutes are ticking down.

Seriously mom. It's almost time for kick-off and I still have to find Packer Bear.

Fine. I will just have to use one of my cheerleading jumps to hurdle myself on out of here.

The Newest Packer Cheerleader cont.

There you are, Packer Bear. Thank goodness I found you. It's almost game time.

Here we go. Kick-off. Go Packers!

Hey. What a great game so far, mom.

Those darn refs with their terrible calls. They lost the game for us. Oh well. We'll get those Cowboys in the NFC championship game when it really matters.

That thought puts a smile on Packer fans' faces across the nation. Go Pack! Let's take it to a NFC championship! Then you can come and visit your AZ Packer fans!