Friday, January 21, 2011

While Mom and Dad are Away, Amaya Will Play

While we were away, Amaya got to have fun, fun, fun with Grandma Cindy and Papa Jerry. The following pictures are courtesy of them.
Sliding and
swinging are
Grandma Cindy took Amaya to Alexis's birthday party where there was a bounce house, petting zoo, and horseback riding.
Clearly Amaya had a ball.
Onto the highlight, horseback riding.
Amaya loves, loves, loves horses, so this was a dream come true for our little cowgirl.
I am sure she felt like Jessie riding Bullseye.
I hear she insisted on riding twice. Here she is on horse #2.
Amaya and her BFF after the party. I am sure they rode horses together in Amaya's dreams that night.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vegas Vacation

*Oops...I forgot...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ;) The pictures have been destroyed (we all looked at them once and deleted them) and the stories have been classified top secret. But, I can share that our Packers are fabulous and they are going Bear hunting this weekend. ;) Go Pack Go!

*While I can't share pictures from our weekend, I can and will share pictures from Amaya's weekend. Look for that posting later this week.

*Before signing off on this post, I wondered if you all had heard they found more dead birds. 53 of them in Antarctica. Did I say Antarctica? I meant Atlanta. Sounds like they died from eating too much CHEESE. Ha!!! I heard this on sports talk radio this morning and had to share. Go Pack!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amaya Cheers Her Team On To Victory!!!

Our little Packer Backer cheered her team on to a fabulous victory today. YEAH!!! We are so excited!!! Atlanta here we come!!! GO PACK GO!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Doubles As a Ballerina

Amaya and her bff Jessie sleeping. Two cute and sweet sleeping beauties. I thought it was so cute the way Amaya had Jessie sleeping beside her and them facing each other that I had to snap some pictures. I wonder if they fell asleep while chatting. ;)

Below is the way Scott and I found Amaya sleeping last night. Now that must have been the ultimate of deep sleeps. To fall out of bed and just keep right on sleeping. Guess the little ballerina was danced out!
Here is the little ballerina dancing her heart out on New Year's Day. I had dvr'ed the New York Symphony Orchestra playing Tchaikovski music on New Year's Eve. We were watching it the next day and The Nutcracker came on. Amaya recognized the music from her dance class and started dancing. So we got her and her doll all decked out in their matching ballerina outfits courtesy of Grandma Kim and Grandpa John.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Despite having just moved, we managed to get unpacked and settled in time to enjoy Christmas and keep all our Christmas traditions alive. We kicked off Christmas Eve with our tradition of attending Church with the Luedy's.

Here Amaya and Jaxon are enjoying bubbles before heading into "Sunday" school. Do you still call it that when it's not Sunday? It is tradition to meet at the bubble blowing elephant.
It is becoming tradition to eat a yummy Christmas Eve meal at Chili's with the Luedy's. Probably because it a restaurant that is convenient after church, open on Christmas Eve, and liked by all of us.
Amaya is absolutely in love with Maxdyn. And from the looks of this picture, the feeling may be mutual.
Amaya even calls her baby dolls Maxdyn.
After church and dinner, it has become tradition for the Luedy's and Mitchell's to caravan around looking at Christmas lights, then head to our place for cookies and beverages.
Here are Amaya and Maxdyn snuggling on the couch.
So sweet.
I love the still of the night after Amaya has gone to sleep on Christmas Eve, and after Mr. and Mrs. Santa have eaten the cookies and stuffed the stockings. I will always linger a moment after Scott heads to get ready for bed, and sit in the quiet, gazing at the tree with all the lights off except those twinkling from the tree. I love this moment every year. I reflect on the magic that is Christmas, give thanks for all my blessings, and look forward to a fun-filled Christmas day. Then I always snap a picture of the tree, complete with Santa's additions, and head to bed myself. This is a picture of that moment. Yet another tradition.
Christmas morning=our traditional time to open presents. Amaya must have been a very good girl this year. Santa brought her her talking Buzz......
and her Barbie pool. She has been asking for a Barbie pool since JULY! You can tell by her facial expressions.
So excited.
Two down, a bazillion to go. Presents, presents, everywhere. Next year we are starting our long-planned tradition of letting Amaya go shopping for under-priveleged children. She's old enough to "get it" now. And since she gets spoiled by grandparents, cousins, parents and friends, we decided the majority of our Amaya Christmas dollars will start going to this tradition. Such a good lesson to learn that it truly is better to give than to receive. And it feels so good and is so fun to give!
Amaya wearing a gift and getting ready to ride a gift.
Peeling rubber! We had to get her dressed and let her loose outside.
After our new traditional (kind of an oxymoron, huh) Christmas dinner of standing rib roast we headed to the park. Regarding our "new tradition" (this is the second year we did it) of having standing rib roast, that came about because I always thought it seemed a little silly to just repeat the Thanksgiving meal on Christmas. I wanted to make it our family tradition to do something different than a turkey and I came upon a fab recipe online for a holiday standing rib roast. Turns out having standing rib roast is a holiday traditon for many that I am glad we have adopted. It's expensive, but so deliciously worth it. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. I think this idea rubbed off on the SD Mitchells....they 86'd the turkey for prime rib and shrimp this year. Yum. What will you ditch your turkey for? :)
Amaya being chased by daddy at "the green park" as Amaya calls it.
Amaya looking back to see how close Scott is and Scott closing in on Amaya.
Scott looks like Gulliver on that itty bitty slide. ;)
After park time we watched a Christmas movie (Elf) and played games which is also traditional. And it appears I am trying to start another tradition. I neglected to pick my camera back up to snap some pics of Amaya with Grandma Cindy and Papa Jerry...again. Gul darnit. Oh well. It inspired one of my New Years stop forgetting to take pictures of Amaya with the adults in her life.
It was a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas. Can't wait for next year. ;)