Friday, January 21, 2011

While Mom and Dad are Away, Amaya Will Play

While we were away, Amaya got to have fun, fun, fun with Grandma Cindy and Papa Jerry. The following pictures are courtesy of them.
Sliding and
swinging are
Grandma Cindy took Amaya to Alexis's birthday party where there was a bounce house, petting zoo, and horseback riding.
Clearly Amaya had a ball.
Onto the highlight, horseback riding.
Amaya loves, loves, loves horses, so this was a dream come true for our little cowgirl.
I am sure she felt like Jessie riding Bullseye.
I hear she insisted on riding twice. Here she is on horse #2.
Amaya and her BFF after the party. I am sure they rode horses together in Amaya's dreams that night.

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Riecke's said...

She is so beautiful.