Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Highlights

March has been a fun and fabulous month for Amaya. Here are some pictures from the highlights.

Amaya got to spend some quality time with Grandma Kim and Papa John.

Then Amaya went on her first tv commercial audition and she landed the job. Here she is in hair and make up. She enjoyed that part so much we played beauty parlor when we got home that afternoon.

Here Amaya is with her co-star James Taylor. That's his real name, I swear.

The crew setting up.

Amaya and James passing the time by playing hop scotch on the stone walkway.

Then they decided to go for a stroll. They spontaneously grabbed each others hands and began walking. It was sooooo sweet. A couple of the crew made comments about how cute they were and a few asked if they either knew each other before, no, or if they were siblings, no. Just hit it off from hello.
Meeting their co-stars.
More strolling as the crew is getting ready. It was a cool but beautiful morning.
Last minute touch ups.
Amaya was so excited for them to hand over the puppies!
Almost go time.
Once they called action, I put my camera away. I was pretty certain my taking pictures during the shoot wouldn't be appreciated. :)
Overall it was a great experience for Amaya. She had fun and when we were done she didn't want to leave. It was a fun experience for me, too. It was neat to see the production process and all that goes into a commercial shoot.
-That brings me to Amaya's 4th Birthday Celebration at..............
-We were able to keep Disneyland a secret until we were heading to the park on day 1. It was fun to surprise Amaya. She didn't know that Grandma Cindy and Papa Jerry would be joining us either. We had a blast riding rides and roller coasters, seeing shows, and meeting mice, princesses and fairies.
-Our little thrill seeker continued being just that preferring the regular rides over the kiddie rides. She just barely made the height requirement with not a centimeter to spare. Phew. She rode Big Thunder Mountian Railroad 3 times. She even rode the Matterhorn Bobsleds. She loved "Soaring Over California." That was one of her faves. Finding Nemo, Autopia, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Astro Orbitor, and Toy Story Mania were also faves of hers. Scott and I utilized grandma and grandpa's services to ride Califonia Screamin' 3 times and Tower of Terror. It only took us a total of about an hour for all 4 rides thanks to Fastpasses.
-For shows we saw World of Color, Aladdin the musical, and Fantasmic, among other little side shows. We hit disney hardest on Tuesday, spending 15 hours straight in the park. That was Amaya's actual birthday and the day we dined with the princesses. Amaya loved meeting and chatting with the princesses. I soooo wish I could've heard the conversations! I am sure they would have been a mixture of sweet and comical.
-Overall, we had a blast and look forward to going back sometime. It truly is a magical place!

The pictures for the most part explain themselves. But this picture requires a little explaination. By the time we met Repunzel and Flynn it had warmed up outside. Waiting in line, I had asked Amaya if she wanted to take off her sweatshirt. She refused adamently. When she met Repunzel, the reason was apparent. She wanted to surprise Repunzel with the fact that she was wearing a Repunzel t-shirt. She walked up to her and unzipped her sweatshirt, proudly pointing to what she was wearing underneath. It was so cute. Amaya also inquired as to why she had shoes on, since she didn't wear shoes in the movie. And she was wondering where Pascal was. Flynn told her he was playing hide and seek. Oh, such memories we made on this trip!

-When we returned home, we had a little birthday party with just Scott, Amaya and I. Her birthday present was Disneyland and her birthday party was the fancy lunch with the princesses. But for months she's been telling us that she wants a Rapunzel cake for her birthday party, so we decided to get her a little birthday cake so we could celebrate again and open presents sent by family.

She got Woody from gma Kim and papa John. She also got a Slinky the Dog from gma Cindy and papa Jerry. So now she practically has the whole gang. Thank goodness she has a full-size bed! :)