Sunday, June 14, 2009

Amaya the Shopper

Amaya inherited a love of shopping from her daddy and Grandma Kim. 2, the child already loves, loves, loves to shop. If we go by any strip mall, heck, even the grocery store, and don't stop to shop, she is not happy. She'll exclaim from the back, "I go shopping. SHOPPING. SHOPPING" as we pass. There was a time in Gymboree when I let her out of the stroller because she promised she'd stay by mom and hold my hand. That lasted a minute and she began running around looking at clothes and saying things like, "oh, look momma" and "look, cute, cute." She proceeded to remove several clothing items from the racks and pile them up on the stroller. Too funny. So, last evening when we were shoe shopping before dinner...this is what transpired.

A hat caught Amaya's eye from across the store. She ran for the hat rack, grabbed it, put it on and... ...took off to go show dad.

"Is this hat me or what?"

"O.K. mom. I love my hat. I'm ready to go now." I reply..."uh, you have to pay for your hat first, Amaya."

"O.K. Let's go look at purses also then."

"Check out this pink one mom!"

"Oh wait...look at that one over there."

"That ones cuter! It's so sparkly!"

"I think this is the one I am going to get."

"Let's go see what dad thinks."

"What do you mean you think the strap is too long daddy?"

"See, I can swing it around like this and it's fine."

"Or I can even wear it like this and it's not too long that way."

"Oh. Wait a minute. This isn't working very well."

"O.K. Now I am really tangled."

"O.K. Maybe the strap is a little long for me."

"I'll go put it back. But can I keep the hat?"

She didn't get the hat. :-) But daddy got some sharp shoes.