Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amaya and Santa Reunite

Last week, Scott and I took Amaya to see Santa. I've decided this Santa is as real as they come. I mean, I think he may have actually been Santa. A huge improvement from last year's Santa, whom I think was Billy Bob Thorton's body double and/or the runner up for Billy Bob's role in "Bad Santa." So, anyway, Amaya enjoyed seeing the man in red as far as we can tell, but continues to prefer the fake ones in everyone's yards and on our tree. She insists on kissing them, but didn't have kisses for the Santa pictured above. She just politely sat for the picture, then waved goodbye. side note: for some reason blogspot wouldn't let me post the scanned in image, so i took a picture of the picture and uploaded that image...thus the blur of light and the less than stellar quality.
O.K. On to other things. Haven't had that much time to blog lately, but thought I'd share a few tidbits from the life of Amaya.
#1. It's a given that if one evening your child figures out how to unsnap the closure snap, and then proceeds to figure out how to unzip and take off their footie pajamas, the next morning will bring big surprises. Now, of course they leave the pj's on all night. Afterall, it is winter and it's chilly. So that's good. But, when they wake up the next morning, what fun it is to practice their new found skill. BUT ... you just know that the next morning they'll decide to take the diaper off too, and you just know it's going to be a poopy one! There in lies the big surprise. Smile, smile. Fun, fun!!!
#2. Amaya isn't ready to settle down yet. She's playing the field. She recently broke it off with Barney, she wants nothing to do with him now, and she is now seeing Elmo exclusively. She is obsessed with Elmo. Elmo, Elmo, Elmo. It was love at first sight. She saw a little stuffed Elmo at babies'r'us awhile back, and she forgot about Barney instantly. The next day I let Amaya watch Sesame Street, and when she saw her little red friend on the t.v., she couldn't have been more excited. The rest is history. It's fascinating to me the obsession kids have with Elmo. It was literally love, or obsession, at first sight with Amaya. And out of all the other characters on Sesame Street, it's so interesting how so many kids are drawn to Elmo. It doesn't sound like it's just Amaya. So, bye-bye Barney, hello Elmo. I wonder who will be next.
#3. Even though your child gives it a try each day while you shower without any luck, one day she will eventually succeed. One day, she'll scale the side of that jacuzzi tub, swing herself over the ledge, and turn on the water. This will all take place during the few seconds it took you to rinse the shampoo out of your hair. You'll hear the water come on, open your eyes with shampoo in them, and see your fully clothed toddler gleefully enjoying an extra bath. Aaaahhh...isn't childhood fun, Amaya?
#4. 12-18-08: The day Amaya discovered she can open the dresser drawers, then use them like stairs to climb up and get on top of the dresser. Oh what treasures you can find there. Fun, fun. And works for the bedside tables, too. She can finally get on the bed while mom's not looking. Trampoline anyone? Make that head injury anyone? Hmmm, you literally can't look away for a second, can you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zoo Lights

Amaya enjoyed her first zoo lights experience. But, rather than the highlight being seeing all the lights, I think she just enjoyed running around and dancing to the Christmas music most. She sure got her groove on! The zoo should've paid her as one of the side shows.
Still not so sure about the carousel. It was free and had no line so we thought we'd give it a try. She decided it might be fun if she could ride on daddy's lap...

but then she changed her mind and decided the carousel was soooo overrated. It is a woman's right to change her mind after all.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Cindy managed to corral a squirming Amaya for a photo.

What's this , you may wonder?
That's Amaya, cutting a rug with her "light saber."
She's didn't stay still for uh...make that she didn't stay still at all.
Dance Amaya Dance

Disabled Vehicle

Amaya and I were patiently waiting in line at the drive-thru at Micky D's, when I noticed this "disabled vehicle" just sitting there. I thought to myself...what the heck is that random bike with a "passenger car" loaded with stuff doing just sitting there, with no one around whom it may belong to. Then I noticed the front tire. Ahhh...disabled vehicle. Such a strange sight. Then I remembered I had my camera since we were on our way to zoo lights, so I decided to snap a picture so I could share this quirky sight. Notice the overcast skies. We finally got rain after 87 days rain free. I love it! It smells so good outside.

Playdate at Scottsdale Train Park

Here they are ladies and playgroupers, a few pics from our last playdate. It was bad it went so quick! Didn't get pics of Jaxon, Brody and their mommies, despite my efforts. Turns out it took forever for them to get on the train. That's why we never saw them go by before Amaya and I had to leave. Oh, and Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Cutie pie!
Cutie pies!

Chuga chuga...

Choo Choo!

Giddy up horsey...or not. (Will and Amaya prefered the train over the carousel!)

First Things First...The Challenge

I was challenged by Mae to post the fourth picture from the fourth album on our computer, then write 4 things about it and challenge 4 other bloggers to do the same. it goes.

1. It's a picture of Amaya. There's a surprise. Smile, smile.
2. This outfit is from Amaya's great aunt Kathy and great uncle Denny. Isn't it cute!
3. Amaya looks like her daddy here. It's in her eyes. She has all these different expressions that come through in her eyes that I recognize from Scott. Fun!
4. I wonder who she's looking at and what she's thinking.
Now it's your turn:
1. Erin
2. Ashley
3. Amy or Matt...whoever gets to it first
4. Brittany or Deanna...whoever gets to it first

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amaya's Wintertime Happy Place

In the summer, Amaya's happy place is definitely in the pool. In the winter, it is definitely at the playground. Amaya is pretty laid back and rarely throws a "tantrum." When she does, it is short-lived and mild. Well, that is except for when it's time to leave the playground before she's ready. If we have time to stay long enough to wear her out, we are good to go. But, on a day like yesterday, when we only have an hour for our walk and playground time, leaving the playground is not a pretty sight. Remember the movie "Kickin' and Screamin'" anyone? Enough said. Here are a few pics before the "kickin' and screamin'" started. Smile, smile.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did you know...

Did you know that just like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly....

a monkey morphs into a ...

bumble bee.

Amaya's Second Halloween

Amaya had a fun second Halloween. As you can see, she was a bumble bee. I had purchased this costume 6 weeks ago because it was adorable. But, after having so much fun on the bumble bee ride at Schnepf farm a couple weeks back, this costume seemed even more perfect for her. Without that experience, she may not have known what a bumble bee was. But she understood the link today, saying bumble, bumble, weeee as I dressed her. And, I'd say bzzzz and she'd say bumble, bumble. Then this morning I asked her, "Did you have a fun Halloween yesterday?" She nodded her head up and down and said, "Bumble. Bumble." How precious. Here are some pics of our little bumble bee and her trick or treating experience.

Amaya sets off on her first trick or treating expedition.

Notice she's already "lost" her shoes. They must've been slowing her down. Here she is heading up her first driveway.

"This is so exciting and fun, mommy."

Willing the door to open so she can begin her candy collection.

After the first house, she just trucked back down the driveway and headed on down the sidewalk with no direction from us (mommy and Grandma Cindy).

We just followed her. Soooo funny.

Looking around the corner, picking out her next stop. Again, we gave her no direction. She just picked out a house and walked right up to it.

Taking a shortcut. She was on a mission. (And remember, she has already taken her shoes off by this point, but the rocks didn't phase her. Guess she's use to it, being an AZ baby.)

Stopping to chat with a Halloween friend.

Waiting patiently for some more candy.

Ooooo, look at all that candy.

A shot of her loot so far.

Checking out her loot, herself.

Neighbor Dave showing Amaya Halloween Pooh. Dave's house is always the best decorated house on the block, no matter which holiday it is. He had tons of cool Halloween stuff for Amaya to check out.

Most of the stuff talked or made scary noises. But none of it phased Amaya. Perhaps because we opted to take her trick or treating while it was still light out. Then, once it was dark, we enjoyed handing out candy to the other trick or treaters.

Amaya has developed a love of pumpkins. She tried talking Dave into letting her have this one.