Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zoo Lights

Amaya enjoyed her first zoo lights experience. But, rather than the highlight being seeing all the lights, I think she just enjoyed running around and dancing to the Christmas music most. She sure got her groove on! The zoo should've paid her as one of the side shows.
Still not so sure about the carousel. It was free and had no line so we thought we'd give it a try. She decided it might be fun if she could ride on daddy's lap...

but then she changed her mind and decided the carousel was soooo overrated. It is a woman's right to change her mind after all.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Cindy managed to corral a squirming Amaya for a photo.

What's this , you may wonder?
That's Amaya, cutting a rug with her "light saber."
She's didn't stay still for uh...make that she didn't stay still at all.
Dance Amaya Dance

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