Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rough Life

I couldn't resist posting these pics of Scott lounging in the pool. I took them from inside so he didn't even know I took them. He'll be surprised when he checks the blog. Smile, smile. He's enjoying a little r and r, sipping a cocktail, and getting ready for his Fantasy Football draft. Rough Life!

Ah, this is the life.
He's sure studying that magazine intently. Maybe this will be his year to win.

Amaya's Latest

Hi there, everyone. Finally...another Amaya themed blog entry. Amaya has had a very fun past couple of weeks. First of all...Amaya has never been too interested in television programs. Not Blue's Clues, not Sesame Street, not Baby Einstein, not the Wiggles, etc., etc., etc. Not that we've exposed her to very much of these programs. But here and there if we catch them on we'll watch it a little while and see what Amaya does. She'll look at the tv for a minute and then she moves on to something else. She's a busy girl after all. Well, we were perfectly fine with this, of course. She shouldn't be watching tv that much anyway. But one day Barney was on and boy we quickly learned Amaya has a thing for large, purple dinosaurs. She's obsessed now. At first I thought this was great. I figure having her watch a tv show once a day, for 30 minutes will not stunt her development and it's so fun to see her joy when Barney comes on. But now it's Barney, Barney, Barney. Or in Amaya's terms Ba'ey, Ba'ey, Ba'ey. She asks for Barney all the time. As soon as she's done eating breakfast, she points to the family room and says Ba'ey, Ba'ey, Ba'ey. Then she runs to the family room and points at the tv all the while shouting Ba'ey, Ba'ey, Ba'ey until she sees his smiling, purple face. Then it's Baaa'eeeey with a joyful, drawn out laugh. So, obviously, mommy and daddy will be buying Amaya a huge stuffed Barney for Christmas.

Other than watching Barney, Amaya has stayed busy going to the gym most mornings. She now dislikes leaving the gym. She use to run to me when I would pick her up. Now when she sees me she turns and "runs for the hills." They have to chase her down and bring her to me. To funny. So, obviously she has fun at the gym "Kidzone." These past couple of weeks she's been super into the lego table, the Mr. Potato Head table, and as always, the baby dolls. So, since she already has baby dolls and a Mr. Potato Head, we'll be buying her legos for Christmas... if we can wait that long. She also enjoys watching the big kids. She'll sit right next to them and look up at their faces. So cute.

Amaya started Gymboree a couple weeks ago. She loves it!
She loves balls, so this big ball is a hit.
She loves Gymbo the clown (it too is on her list since she practically refuses to let the teacher have it for her activities).
And she loves climbing on all the equipment. So Gymboree has been a good fit.
I signed Amaya up for an art class and KinderMusik class through Chandler parks and rec that she'll be taking this fall, so that should be fun. She loves music, so I know that will be a hit, but we'll see about the art class. So far at home she'll just scribble for a minute, then she wants to eat the crayon. Yuck.
Yesterday Scott and I took Amaya to the new water park that opened up by our house. She had a blast. That's going to be alot of fun having it so close. It's about a minute away. At first Amaya just kind of sat back and looked around, so we thought, hmmm, maybe we will have to come back when she's a bit older. But...after about 5 minutes of looking around and taking it all in she was ready to do some splish splashing. The splash pad area was shallow enough that she could wander around on her own and she had a blast doing just that. She also enjoyed all the water features, climbing features and the other kids. It was a fun morning and needless to say she had a good nap in the afternoon.
So, that's about all I have for now. Below are some pictures of Barney starting and Amaya clearly very happy about that.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This Week in the Life of a Brett Favre/Packer Fan


We heard that Favre was headed back to Green Bay. He had been officially reinstated/unretired and it was looking like the saga was going to finally end. He was added back on to the roster. It was looking like my prayers were answered (along with the prayers of many, many other Packer fans). It was looking like Favre would be rejoining the Packers for the season. The word on the street was that there was going to be an open quarterbacks competition for the starting quarterback spot. The Packers "organization" had seemingly come to their senses finally. They were finally giving Brett his deserved shot. Words cannot describe the elation! Of course Brett will win that competition, so a Packer fan cannot help but get ahead of oneselves and celebrate prematurely. The cork popped, the champagne was poured, and the celebration began. Little did we know it was too little too late for our Beloved Brett.
We keep close tabs on ESPN and the NFL network. As we watch the annual Packers Family Night Scrimmage on the NFL network (which was played Sunday night, but was being televised Monday night), we anxiously await Coach McCarthy's press conference. We can't wait to hear what transpired in his meeting with Brett. Our high begins falling as the press conference keeps being delayed until it's finally postponed until Tues. Then we see Favre being quoted as saying "we've reached a stalement" and something along the lines of... to0 much has been said and done...I just can't forget... etc., etc. As Amaya would say..."uh oh." Panic and dread sets in. But even so, we pray and hope and still believe they'll find a way. Brett has to remain a Packer. We just can't say good-bye after 16 years. We finish watching the scrimmage and go to bed, hoping to wake up to good news.
I dvr espn and nfl network for the afternoon so that I am sure to catch the press conference and any pertainent coverage. Then Tuesday night after Amaya goes to bed, we brace ourselves and begin watching Mike McCarthy reveal what transpired in his meetings with Favre. Sure, I'm mad at the Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy for turning this whole saga into a 3-ring circus. But now I can't help being disappointed in Favre that he can't move past the circus and get back to playing some Packer football. Even so....I had hope. Brett just needs some time. He'll come around. Yeah, I admit it. I was in denial. I wasn't ready to think about Favre being traded.
I know discussions with other teams have started, namely the Bucs and the Jets. But I stay in denial mode. This isn't happening. I can't face it. I go about my day and avoid ESPN and the NFL network. Then Wed. evening, after putting Amaya to bed and putting some laundry away, I venture downstairs. Scott's watcing ESPN and I see it. I don't want to but I do. I sensed it was coming. How could I not? But I didn't think it would happen so fast. Brett Favre had been traded. Devastation! Sadness! Then quickly a bit of anger and bitterness sets in. I go upstairs and type up the previous blog entry. Then I crumble. Some may say get over it, it's just football. But it's not just football to me and many of us. And unless you are a die hard Favre fan and Packer fan, you can't understand. Now I know there are much worse things one can go through, and I've gone through some of them, but I feel how I feel and I can't help it. It's going to take time! It's just sad. Favre retiring was one thing, but this...this is just such a shock and unexpected. There are many a heartbroken Packer fans out there tonight.
We wake up. Reality sets in. It wasn't a nightmare. It really happened. Favre is a Jet. Over the head the covers go. Ugh. I skip the gym and begin calling my peops for some solace. Thanks Mae for the therapy! The day goes on and I again avoid ESPN, NFL network, and thinking about it. I wait for the evening and watch Sports Center and NFL tonight. Seeing Favre in Jets gear is painful, and just plain strange. I can't help but be jealous watching Jets fans rejoice. I call Jets fans an expletive. Don't worry, I said it in my head. Amaya didn't hear. Then there's Favre already setting records as a Jet not even on the team 24 hours (for jersey sales). Next they show footage of Favre's press conference. Brett's turn to speak. It's good to hear what he has to say, what his thoughts are. I begin forgiving him. He says, "I've always wanted to be a Packer. I always will be a Packer." Yeah you will! But it's good to hear it from him. After that, I again crumble. I am surprised at myself that the tears are still there, but it's just soooo sad. What can I say. I can't help it. Then I decide I need to move on, too, just like Favre and the Packers. So, I do some retail therapy and buy up a bunch of Favre merchandise. Shopping always helps. Gotta love the Packer Pro Shop.
I start looking forward to atleast being able to see Brett play another season of football, even if it is as a Jet. I print off the Jets schedule and put it with the Packers schedule in my datebook. We have two teams to religiously follow now. It's going to be a fun year! I go back to being excited to see what our Packers will do this year. I am very excited and optimistic about that. I decide to try and get tickets for the Jets at Chargers game. Sold out, of course. You can get tickets to most of the other home Chargers games still, so you just know it's the Favre factor. I guarantee there were still lots of tickets available for that game Wed. morning. Come on. The Jets. Before they got Brett there's no way that game was sold out. To bad the Cards go to see the Jets this year. I wish the Jets were coming here!!!! Bummer.
So, things are looking up. Acceptance is coming. It will always sting a little to have lost Favre, but really, it would sting worse to be the Falcons or the Jets. The Jets were one draft pick away from getting him back in the day. They wanted him but the Falcons beat them to it. Then, the Falcons let him go to us. Whenever someone says this was the dumbest trade ever, Packer fans can always come back with the Falcons Favre trade. Atleast we had him for 16 wonderful years. We still love you Brett! Good luck this year. I hope we meet you in the Super Bowl. Wouldn't that be a blast!!!
P.S. I promise my next post will be about our lovely, precious daughter. No more Favre, Packer posts...until football season that it. Smile, smile.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What were they thinking?

O.K. I am sure you all have heard about some goings ons of late between our beloved Brett Favre and our beloved Packers. But, as much as I love both Brett and the Packers, I have to say....What the heck are you all thinking?!?! Back in March, when we were shocked to learn Favre had decided to retire despite the wonderful season he and the Packers had, we could never have expected that we would now end up here a mere 5 months later. First of all, I thought then, as many did, that Favre made the wrong decision. I really didn't think we saw Favre play his last game. But, I never in a million years thought he would unretire only to be traded. Are you kidding me? It was hard enough seeing Favre retire in March when our team was finding magic again. But now to see Favre go to another team. That just twists the knife. And not just a little twist, a 360 degree full circle twist while pushing down with all ones might on the knife. After 16 years, both Favre and the Packers have given Packer fans a huge slap in the face. This is ridiculous. Now I understand Rodgers has been patient and this was suppose to be his time, and I still like the guy. But Brett Favre deserves to come back and play in Green Bay. What's one more year Aaron? Sure, the Packers organization eventually welcomed Brett back with "open arms" and said he could have a shot at being starting quarterback again, but they should have done that in the beginning. When word first broke that Favre wanted to unretire, I never in a million thought the Packers would make unretiring sooo difficult. I see the difficulty that would cause initially, but come on, it's Brett. He's given the Packers, Packer fans, and football fans in general soooo much. Deal with it. Figure it out. But bring him back. And to Brett on that matter. They eventually gave in, so take it. Let go of the ego!!!! Get over it!!!! Don't abandon your fans who want you back soooo bad. A Jet. You're a Jet now. Come on. Do you really want to listen to J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets all day every Sunday. Couldn't they come up with a better chant than that? I mean really. O.K. Yes I am bitter. Yes I am angry. But that doesn't change the fact that they have the most stupid chant ever. And also, they seem to be lacking in the intelligence department!!! How can you want to associate with them, Brett!?! They call themselves the New York Jets, yet they don't even play or practice in NY, according to Sports Center last night. They flippin' play in New Jersey. Do you really think you have a shot at another ring now Favre? When the Packers go to the Super Bowl this year, you are going to regret not checking your ego at the door. Especially since the Jets aren't even going to make it to the playoffs. O.K. Enough with my angry rant. For the last 16 years I have cheered for you faithfully, so I am just so sad to see you leave. It feels like such a betrayal. But, also, I think you are again making the wrong move. But it's your mistake to make I guess. So, I guess I have to deal with it, accept it, and move on just like you did. I just hope someday all the good memories of your time with the Packers will no longer be clouded by all of this and that your name can regain a large percentage of what it use to mean to me. So with that, good luck Brett. Enjoy Jersey!!!! And now more than ever I hope the Packers go to the Super Bowl! Go Pack Go!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amaya Dancing Video, as promised

Here is a video clip of Amaya dancing. She's got quite the moves.

Amaya Update

Amaya has now graduated into her big girl carseat. It is one that will grow with her until age 10. Wow. That's a long time. It converts to a high back booster, and then a backless booster. So, here are some then and now pics of Amaya in her carseat(s).

Amaya's first time in her carseat. She was just 2 days old in these pictures.

And now look at her in these photos of her last time in her first carseat.
So big, but oh so bored and wondering why we're taking pictures of her just sitting in her carseat.
After the above picture, we did get her out of the old carseat and let her explore with Grandma while the firefighters checked out the new carseat.
Here she is in her new carseat for the first time. I thought she would get sooo excited about it because she got sooo excited when she saw it sitting in our great room. She enjoyed crawling into it. But she seemed more confused and bewildered with the change at first. It was quite precious. It took her a little while to process the change. Who could blame her...she's been rear-facing her whole life, so this is quite different for her. She's gotten use to forward-facing now, though. It's a whole new experience for us all.
Hi mom...this new carseat is comfie! Thanks.
Here Amaya is checking out all the things she can see now. How fun!

So, aside from the new carseat, there's not to many major changes in Amaya's life. She continues to be a very busy and active toddler. She's an endless source of entertainment and joy. It's so fun to watch her grow, develop, change and learn new things. O.K., that's all I have for now. Will blog again soon.

Where did July go?

Does anybody know? We've looked everywhere, and we can't seem to find it. Seems it's alredy come and gone for the year. That's just plain crazy! All joking aside, July did fly by. I never even blogged in July. Oops. So...what have we been soooo busy doing? Nothing too wild and crazy. We enjoyed a relaxing Fourth of July weekend. We got in lots of pool time of course, went to a Fourth of July bbq at our friends Erin and John's (and little Jaxon's). Once Amaya graduated from swimming, we've continued to get in the pool and practice her skills a few times a week, along with spish-splashing playtime. Amaya continues to love the pool. We'll be sad to see pool season end sometime in October. But, then that will just mean cooler temps and more walks and playground time, so it's a trade off I guess. Mommy finally cut a little snip-it in "the cord" and started taking Amaya to the gym in June. I am glad I waited until Amaya was 15 months because I was more ready and she was ready, too. Stranger anxiety was gone and she was ready to run around and enjoy the new surroundings. She literally never looked back when I'd drop her off. She was off and running having a ball. So, that's where you'll find Amaya and I most mornings, since she loves it so much. What else is Amaya up to? She is starting Gymboree class tomorrow. Then this fall I plan to sign Amaya up for an Abrakadoodle class and a music class to give her more different experiences. That should be fun. Registration is Sat., so hopefully she gets into a class. I don't know how quickly they fill up. We've also kept busy with play dates here and there, golf dates for daddy, and of course more pool time. Amaya got her first cold after only a week of going to the gym daycare, which she was kind enough to share with me. It never seemed to phase Amaya, but I think I need to start taking my vitamins again, because it sure knocked me down. I blame sleep deprivation from working night shifts. I ended up pretty sick and even on antibiotics (sinus infection and supposedly a double ear infection, even though my ears didn't hurt). Scott and I also managed to take in a Cubs game when they were in town, so that was fun. Scott's getting pumped for post-season and we're both getting super pumped for football season. It's just around the corner. Yeah! Speaking of football....

Welcome back Brett! We're sooo glad this fiasco is nearing the end and we can move on and look forward to some more awesome times watching our Packers this fall! We can't wait. Even though we had come to terms with Favre's retirement and we were ready to move on with Aaron Rodgers, we weren't entirely surprised to hear Favre wanted to unretire. Although we couldn't love Favre more, and we are so excited he's going to be back for another season, it's really too bad he didn't unretire much earlier as to not put the Packers and Rodgers through all this hoopla. It seemed it was finally Rodgers turn, and I must admit I was super excited to see what he would do. I had lots of confidence in him, so part of me is sad to see him go through all this. But, I must admit, seeing Favre put on another teams uniform would have crushed me. So, I am so glad and relieved he's coming back to the NFL as a Packer if he's coming back. And I think the coaching and management staff is doing the right thing by holding a quarterback competition to let all the quarterbacks have a chance to win the starting position. Even though this is all unfortunate for Rodgers, it's still Brett Favre, a living legend. He's given Packer fans, and football fans in general for that matter, so much over the years. He definitely deserves to continue his legacy if he so chooses. Sure, he may have caused a lot of stress for many in the process, but we are all human. None of us have crystal balls. We've all made decisions in our lives, then come to realize we made the wrong ones and then we have to go about undoing them. So, once again, Welcome Back Brett. We look forward to seeing you wearing green and gold this fall!!!! We'll be there watching!!!!