Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amaya Update

Amaya has now graduated into her big girl carseat. It is one that will grow with her until age 10. Wow. That's a long time. It converts to a high back booster, and then a backless booster. So, here are some then and now pics of Amaya in her carseat(s).

Amaya's first time in her carseat. She was just 2 days old in these pictures.

And now look at her in these photos of her last time in her first carseat.
So big, but oh so bored and wondering why we're taking pictures of her just sitting in her carseat.
After the above picture, we did get her out of the old carseat and let her explore with Grandma while the firefighters checked out the new carseat.
Here she is in her new carseat for the first time. I thought she would get sooo excited about it because she got sooo excited when she saw it sitting in our great room. She enjoyed crawling into it. But she seemed more confused and bewildered with the change at first. It was quite precious. It took her a little while to process the change. Who could blame her...she's been rear-facing her whole life, so this is quite different for her. She's gotten use to forward-facing now, though. It's a whole new experience for us all.
Hi mom...this new carseat is comfie! Thanks.
Here Amaya is checking out all the things she can see now. How fun!

So, aside from the new carseat, there's not to many major changes in Amaya's life. She continues to be a very busy and active toddler. She's an endless source of entertainment and joy. It's so fun to watch her grow, develop, change and learn new things. O.K., that's all I have for now. Will blog again soon.

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