Friday, August 8, 2008

This Week in the Life of a Brett Favre/Packer Fan


We heard that Favre was headed back to Green Bay. He had been officially reinstated/unretired and it was looking like the saga was going to finally end. He was added back on to the roster. It was looking like my prayers were answered (along with the prayers of many, many other Packer fans). It was looking like Favre would be rejoining the Packers for the season. The word on the street was that there was going to be an open quarterbacks competition for the starting quarterback spot. The Packers "organization" had seemingly come to their senses finally. They were finally giving Brett his deserved shot. Words cannot describe the elation! Of course Brett will win that competition, so a Packer fan cannot help but get ahead of oneselves and celebrate prematurely. The cork popped, the champagne was poured, and the celebration began. Little did we know it was too little too late for our Beloved Brett.
We keep close tabs on ESPN and the NFL network. As we watch the annual Packers Family Night Scrimmage on the NFL network (which was played Sunday night, but was being televised Monday night), we anxiously await Coach McCarthy's press conference. We can't wait to hear what transpired in his meeting with Brett. Our high begins falling as the press conference keeps being delayed until it's finally postponed until Tues. Then we see Favre being quoted as saying "we've reached a stalement" and something along the lines of... to0 much has been said and done...I just can't forget... etc., etc. As Amaya would say..."uh oh." Panic and dread sets in. But even so, we pray and hope and still believe they'll find a way. Brett has to remain a Packer. We just can't say good-bye after 16 years. We finish watching the scrimmage and go to bed, hoping to wake up to good news.
I dvr espn and nfl network for the afternoon so that I am sure to catch the press conference and any pertainent coverage. Then Tuesday night after Amaya goes to bed, we brace ourselves and begin watching Mike McCarthy reveal what transpired in his meetings with Favre. Sure, I'm mad at the Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy for turning this whole saga into a 3-ring circus. But now I can't help being disappointed in Favre that he can't move past the circus and get back to playing some Packer football. Even so....I had hope. Brett just needs some time. He'll come around. Yeah, I admit it. I was in denial. I wasn't ready to think about Favre being traded.
I know discussions with other teams have started, namely the Bucs and the Jets. But I stay in denial mode. This isn't happening. I can't face it. I go about my day and avoid ESPN and the NFL network. Then Wed. evening, after putting Amaya to bed and putting some laundry away, I venture downstairs. Scott's watcing ESPN and I see it. I don't want to but I do. I sensed it was coming. How could I not? But I didn't think it would happen so fast. Brett Favre had been traded. Devastation! Sadness! Then quickly a bit of anger and bitterness sets in. I go upstairs and type up the previous blog entry. Then I crumble. Some may say get over it, it's just football. But it's not just football to me and many of us. And unless you are a die hard Favre fan and Packer fan, you can't understand. Now I know there are much worse things one can go through, and I've gone through some of them, but I feel how I feel and I can't help it. It's going to take time! It's just sad. Favre retiring was one thing, but this...this is just such a shock and unexpected. There are many a heartbroken Packer fans out there tonight.
We wake up. Reality sets in. It wasn't a nightmare. It really happened. Favre is a Jet. Over the head the covers go. Ugh. I skip the gym and begin calling my peops for some solace. Thanks Mae for the therapy! The day goes on and I again avoid ESPN, NFL network, and thinking about it. I wait for the evening and watch Sports Center and NFL tonight. Seeing Favre in Jets gear is painful, and just plain strange. I can't help but be jealous watching Jets fans rejoice. I call Jets fans an expletive. Don't worry, I said it in my head. Amaya didn't hear. Then there's Favre already setting records as a Jet not even on the team 24 hours (for jersey sales). Next they show footage of Favre's press conference. Brett's turn to speak. It's good to hear what he has to say, what his thoughts are. I begin forgiving him. He says, "I've always wanted to be a Packer. I always will be a Packer." Yeah you will! But it's good to hear it from him. After that, I again crumble. I am surprised at myself that the tears are still there, but it's just soooo sad. What can I say. I can't help it. Then I decide I need to move on, too, just like Favre and the Packers. So, I do some retail therapy and buy up a bunch of Favre merchandise. Shopping always helps. Gotta love the Packer Pro Shop.
I start looking forward to atleast being able to see Brett play another season of football, even if it is as a Jet. I print off the Jets schedule and put it with the Packers schedule in my datebook. We have two teams to religiously follow now. It's going to be a fun year! I go back to being excited to see what our Packers will do this year. I am very excited and optimistic about that. I decide to try and get tickets for the Jets at Chargers game. Sold out, of course. You can get tickets to most of the other home Chargers games still, so you just know it's the Favre factor. I guarantee there were still lots of tickets available for that game Wed. morning. Come on. The Jets. Before they got Brett there's no way that game was sold out. To bad the Cards go to see the Jets this year. I wish the Jets were coming here!!!! Bummer.
So, things are looking up. Acceptance is coming. It will always sting a little to have lost Favre, but really, it would sting worse to be the Falcons or the Jets. The Jets were one draft pick away from getting him back in the day. They wanted him but the Falcons beat them to it. Then, the Falcons let him go to us. Whenever someone says this was the dumbest trade ever, Packer fans can always come back with the Falcons Favre trade. Atleast we had him for 16 wonderful years. We still love you Brett! Good luck this year. I hope we meet you in the Super Bowl. Wouldn't that be a blast!!!
P.S. I promise my next post will be about our lovely, precious daughter. No more Favre, Packer posts...until football season that it. Smile, smile.

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