Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where did July go?

Does anybody know? We've looked everywhere, and we can't seem to find it. Seems it's alredy come and gone for the year. That's just plain crazy! All joking aside, July did fly by. I never even blogged in July. Oops. So...what have we been soooo busy doing? Nothing too wild and crazy. We enjoyed a relaxing Fourth of July weekend. We got in lots of pool time of course, went to a Fourth of July bbq at our friends Erin and John's (and little Jaxon's). Once Amaya graduated from swimming, we've continued to get in the pool and practice her skills a few times a week, along with spish-splashing playtime. Amaya continues to love the pool. We'll be sad to see pool season end sometime in October. But, then that will just mean cooler temps and more walks and playground time, so it's a trade off I guess. Mommy finally cut a little snip-it in "the cord" and started taking Amaya to the gym in June. I am glad I waited until Amaya was 15 months because I was more ready and she was ready, too. Stranger anxiety was gone and she was ready to run around and enjoy the new surroundings. She literally never looked back when I'd drop her off. She was off and running having a ball. So, that's where you'll find Amaya and I most mornings, since she loves it so much. What else is Amaya up to? She is starting Gymboree class tomorrow. Then this fall I plan to sign Amaya up for an Abrakadoodle class and a music class to give her more different experiences. That should be fun. Registration is Sat., so hopefully she gets into a class. I don't know how quickly they fill up. We've also kept busy with play dates here and there, golf dates for daddy, and of course more pool time. Amaya got her first cold after only a week of going to the gym daycare, which she was kind enough to share with me. It never seemed to phase Amaya, but I think I need to start taking my vitamins again, because it sure knocked me down. I blame sleep deprivation from working night shifts. I ended up pretty sick and even on antibiotics (sinus infection and supposedly a double ear infection, even though my ears didn't hurt). Scott and I also managed to take in a Cubs game when they were in town, so that was fun. Scott's getting pumped for post-season and we're both getting super pumped for football season. It's just around the corner. Yeah! Speaking of football....

Welcome back Brett! We're sooo glad this fiasco is nearing the end and we can move on and look forward to some more awesome times watching our Packers this fall! We can't wait. Even though we had come to terms with Favre's retirement and we were ready to move on with Aaron Rodgers, we weren't entirely surprised to hear Favre wanted to unretire. Although we couldn't love Favre more, and we are so excited he's going to be back for another season, it's really too bad he didn't unretire much earlier as to not put the Packers and Rodgers through all this hoopla. It seemed it was finally Rodgers turn, and I must admit I was super excited to see what he would do. I had lots of confidence in him, so part of me is sad to see him go through all this. But, I must admit, seeing Favre put on another teams uniform would have crushed me. So, I am so glad and relieved he's coming back to the NFL as a Packer if he's coming back. And I think the coaching and management staff is doing the right thing by holding a quarterback competition to let all the quarterbacks have a chance to win the starting position. Even though this is all unfortunate for Rodgers, it's still Brett Favre, a living legend. He's given Packer fans, and football fans in general for that matter, so much over the years. He definitely deserves to continue his legacy if he so chooses. Sure, he may have caused a lot of stress for many in the process, but we are all human. None of us have crystal balls. We've all made decisions in our lives, then come to realize we made the wrong ones and then we have to go about undoing them. So, once again, Welcome Back Brett. We look forward to seeing you wearing green and gold this fall!!!! We'll be there watching!!!!

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