Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dreams Realized

 Since before she could talk, Amaya has loved puppies and dogs.  Puppy was one of her first words.  When Amaya was  9-months old we visited Grandma Kim and Papa John and Amaya quickly became enamored with their golden retriever, Meggie.  Grandma and Papa had been worried little Amaya might be afraid of big, boisterous Meggie, but she wasn't.  Not even for a second.  It was love at hello.  Once Amaya could talk every time we called Grandma and Papa, Amaya asked to "talk" to Meggie.  Whenever we saw puppies and dogs at the park Amaya always asked to go meet them (we taught her early to always ask us first and that mommy or daddy had to always ask the dogs owner first of course).  We've met many, many people this way.  Same thing in airports.  Amaya doesn't have a picture of mommy and daddy on her bedside table.  No, no.  It's a picture of Meggie.  And Amaya has become great friends with our neighbors with dogs.  So it should come as no surprise that Amaya has been asking for a puppy of her own longer than I can remember.  We always told her "someday" and added "when you are old enough to take care of her" and "show you are responsible."  This has given Amaya great incentive to do her "responsibilities" (what we call chores), listen, and have a good attitude when things don't go her way.  Amaya's desire for a dog has never waned.  She talks about "when we get a dog" all the time.  She frequently tells us that she knows how to take care of a dog and proceeds in educating us on the matter quite accurately.  And she even told us that she'll buy the dog with her own money.  She's been saving every penny.  She never whines about getting a dog.  Probably because we never say no, but yes, someday.  She's just been patiently waiting for "someday" to come and meanwhile has been drawing pictures of dogs every single school morning since Kindergarten started while she's at Kids Express before school.  Every single school day she comes home with her dog art.  Scott and I decided that we would finally get Amaya her longed for puppy this spring.  Quite frankly, she's earned it.  So we recently started researching breeds.  Scott was off this past Friday and we ended up in a pet store just for fun to check out all the different breeds and there was the cutest, sweetest, Ruby Cavalier King Charles.  She had the sweetest personality.  We had a feeling she was the dog for us.  I fell in love instantly and though Scott had been adament we wait until spring, he quickly got on board, another sign that it was meant to be.  Two days later I went and picked her up and brought her home. Scott had Amaya hide in her room.  I brought Copper in and set her on the floor in the great room.  After Scott was ready with the videocamera and I was posed and ready with the camera, we called for her to come out.  We will never forget the look on her face.  Priceless moment.  Needless to say Sunday evening was very special, very fun, and filled with many moments that will become cherished memories.
One example of Amaya's "dog art".

The other side.

Ironically, this was earlier on the same day we brought Copper home.  Amaya had dumped out and counted all the money in her piggy bank.  Then, since she determined it had to be enough to buy a puppy, she called a family meeting to discuss the purchasing of said puppy.  So darn precious!  After the meeting we watched as she busily lugged all of these items into her bedroom.  We were curious as to what on earth she was doing.  Turns out she was ensuring her puppy fund had safekeeping.  Layers upon layers of protection, coupled with the cutest little security guard.

Who'd steal from that sweet, little face?

A close up of Amaya's puppy fund.
Proving further that she is ready for the responsibility of having a puppy, she put away all that stuff by herself and asked for an envelope for her money.  She's ready to puppy shop.  An hour or so after surprising her with Copper, Amaya said "You bought her for me?  I didn't have to use my money?"  Can't put anything past this kid.  We told her she can still use her money for the puppy, perhaps to buy her some toys.
Copper waiting to meet Amaya.

The moment.

Was hard to get any good images of Amaya and Copper initially.  They didn't stay still long enough.

A girl and her dog.
So sweet.
In love already.

Amaya's "dog art" continues but with a new spin now.

Think we'll keep this one.

Picasso has nothing on Amaya.  ;)
Monday night Copper fell asleep while Amaya was taking a bath.  So after her bath, Amaya got her pillow and laid down by Copper and watched her sleep. 
Amaya quickly fell asleep herself.

Then we saw Copper get up and nestle against Amaya.  Heart melting moment.

I have a feeling we'll be having a lot of precious, sweet, heartmelting moments in the years to come.  Is there anything sweeter than a kid and her dog?

Good thing Amaya has a big bed.  I have a feeling these two are going to be snuggle buddies.
Kisses on the chin.  Bonding at it's finest.

Yup!  Best impulse purchase ever!  That smile on Amaya's face says it all!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Visitors

Our dear giver of life, angel of miracles, Laura and her husband Dwane visited us recently.  They are both such special people we feel blessed to know them and have them in our life.  It was so fabulous spending time together and catching up!  We don't get to see them very often since they now live in Alaska.  Only thing missing was Amaya's surro-siblings Katie, Donald, and Kyle and Amaya's fairy godmother Shirley.  Then the visit would have been perfect.

Friday, November 2, 2012

October Fun

 Desert Botanical Garden-Butterfly Exhibit

 Seville Halloween Party
Our little movie star.

Carnival game time.

Waiting in line for the haunted house.
 Playroom Fun
What I found when it was just too quiet in Amaya's playroom.
 Monkey Moments
The movie star is ready for the red carpet.

The movie star and her entourage.

The "older" girls minus 1.

All four "older" girls.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chicago/Green Bay

 We recently ventured back to Chicago for the first time in six years, almost to the day.  Felt so good to be back in our favorite city.  We only had one evening there, though, en route to Green Bay.  Just enough time to catch up with Scott's parents and drop Amaya off for a fun-filled weekend with grandma and grandpa.  We must plan a trip back soon with enough time to visit our ol' Chicago peops and take in all our favorite places!

Dear Chicago, You are the most wonderful city in the world.  We have missed you and are so excited to see you again. 
Amaya's full circle moment.

My Handsome Husband

Mommy and daughter 'L'-ing it up on the way into the city.
The next morning Scott and I ventured north with our fabulous friends the Stephenson's.  The weekend was a blast!  Time spent with the Stephenson's always is, but add in Green Bay and hello great memories. 
The fall foliage was fun to take in considering we are all from the midwest but currently reside in Phoenix.

Brett and Mae with the great Vince Lombardi.

Visiting this place never gets old.

Mae showing her NFL form.

Channeling Coach Lombardi.

Mae and Brett were beginning to feel a little green and found their team colors just in time.
No comment needed. :)

Greg Jennings

James Jones

Charles Woodson

Tailgaiting (Brett and Mae decided to wear Packer colors despite being a Vikings fan and Bears fan respectively to show support for our team in light of what transpired earlier this week.  True friends and what great sportsmanship.  We appreciated it.)

My streak continues.  I have been to approximately 20 Packer games and they have won every time.  I think they should pay me to attend all Packer games as the official good luck charm of the team.

Time To Celebrate!
 While mom and dad were busy playing in Green Bay, Amaya was busy taking in Chicago with Grandma Kim and Papa John.  They went shopping at American Girl and for lunch at American Girl Restaurant.  They also took in the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, a boat ride, Navy Pier, Children's Museum, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and lunch at Ditka's to watch the Packer game.  Needless to say the trio had a fabulous time. 
Amaya picked out matching outfits for Kanani and herself.

Kanani was giddy with excitement.

Lunch at the American Girl Restaurant.

Special memories made with Grandma and Grandpa.

Boat Ride Time

Chicago Skyline Via Boat

Field Museum

Shedd Aquarium