Monday, November 26, 2007

Swing Time on Turkey Day- part 1

Happy belated "turkey day" to you all. We hope everyone enjoyed their feast... and we hope everyone enjoyed the football games as much as we did. Go Pack! Amaya had a wonderful first Thanksgiving. I worked Wed. night, so Scott and Amaya picked me up at work and we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's in Avondale. We had breakfast, and I had a Venti Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea because I decided not to go to bed. It was more fun to stay up, hang with the family, and watch pre-game. Then we cheered our Packers on to another victory. Yeah! Next we celebrated with a little turkey. And then...we took a walk to a park and let Amaya experience swinging for the first time. For some reason, most parks don't have swings down here, let alone baby swings. But grandma and grandpa finally found one with baby swings and the rest is history. Amaya loved swinging, but at first she really wasn't aware that she was swinging because she was too busy watching the other kids play. That's great fun, too. You can see in one of these pictures that Amaya is resting her head on the back of the swing and looking to the side. She was watching the big kids swing. Note the Packer outfit. She dressed for the day. Smile, smile. She'll soon be able to wear her cheerleader outfit. For sure in time for the Super Bowl. Go Pack. Smile, smile.

Swing time on Turkey Day- part 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh so fun to pull up and stand

A few little tears make those baby blues sparkle so. Babies are cute even when they cry.

Grab ahold...

pull up...

and you're standing.

So much fun!!!

Our little character

Here, in these first 3 photos, Amaya is enjoying one of her favorite activities. She likes to use me as a jungle gym, and this happens often when I am taking pictures of her. Thus the close-up.

She crawls over my legs, onto my lap, and stands beside me and pulls up on my knees so that she can stand. This gives her the perfect opportunity to go for my glasses and/or my hair.

Here she is being silly during our jungle gym game. What a character.

Just prior to these two photos, I had struggled with the monkey to change an "icky" diaper. She did not want her play interrupted to have a diaper change, so she was all over the place during the event. As soon at the clean diaper was on and fastened she was "out of there." She didn't stick around to have her clothes put back on. So, as you can see in these two photos, she's having a ball crawling around in nothing but her diaper. Oh so silly. What a character.

Look at me, I can stand

Amaya loves to pull herself up and check out what treasures can be found on the coffee table.

Here she discovered two of her pacifiers.

Smiling for the camera.

Studying her "find."

Oh so cute and sweet!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Amaya's Latest

Amaya continues to be a joy. She's a little sweetheart. She's very smiley and loves to laugh and giggle. She waves, claps, climbs, crawls both military and regular style, pulls up to stand, stands while holding on to something and she continues to be very vocal. She loves to play, play, play, and explore, explore, explore. And she loves going out and about, making errands, shopping and meals out endlessly entertaining. She loves to go for walks in her stroller and the baby bjorn. And she loves people, so she has enjoyed the endless stream of contractors coming through our house this past month (1 year warranty work time on our house), thank goodness. It would have been challenging if all the strangers scared or upset her. She's growing and changing everyday, slowing morphing from baby to toddler. It's fun to watch her learn and transition towards toddlerhood. It's going fast, so we're trying to savor every moment. That's all for now. Have a good one!
Love always,

A few more Halloween pics

As you can see in the rear view photo, Amaya is following daddy to the door to check out the trick-or-treaters. She got excited when the door bell rang and seemed to enjoy seeing the kids-in-costume.

Halloween pics...finally.

As you can see, Amaya was a sweet little monkey.

Couple and Their Infant Daughter Missing From Cyberspace

Many of you have noticed that Scott, Amaya, and I have been missing from cyberspace for nearly a month now. But we are back. Yeah! Our computer locked up back in mid-October, and long saga short, we are finally back online. Thanks to Best Buy, the Geek Squad, Cox High Speed Internet, Gateway, and the huge dent in our back pocket. Smile, smile. LOL. Technology can be grand, but it can also be a bit too grand. We ended up needing a new tower. So we thought, heck, that's not so bad. But, our wonderful new tower, with the latest technology, Windows Vista, caused us to need new this and new that due to incompatibilities between "older" hardware designed for Windows XP. By "older" I am referring to our 1 year old Linksys modem and 1 year old Linksys wireless usb adapter, among other hardware and software all less than or equal to 2 years old. Crazy. Anyhow, I will finally get some Halloween pics posted on our blog, with an update of course, and I will get back to my usual blogging frequency. Thanks to all of you who've been concerned over our cyber-absence.

Love always,

P.S. F.Y.I., in case any of you are shopping for a new computer also, we learned through our computer fiasco, Dell is sooo not the way to go, computerwise. Over and over it was recommended to us that Gateway and HP are the way to go right now. No one was surprised our computer "went down" after less than 3 years when we told them we have a Dell.