Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couple and Their Infant Daughter Missing From Cyberspace

Many of you have noticed that Scott, Amaya, and I have been missing from cyberspace for nearly a month now. But we are back. Yeah! Our computer locked up back in mid-October, and long saga short, we are finally back online. Thanks to Best Buy, the Geek Squad, Cox High Speed Internet, Gateway, and the huge dent in our back pocket. Smile, smile. LOL. Technology can be grand, but it can also be a bit too grand. We ended up needing a new tower. So we thought, heck, that's not so bad. But, our wonderful new tower, with the latest technology, Windows Vista, caused us to need new this and new that due to incompatibilities between "older" hardware designed for Windows XP. By "older" I am referring to our 1 year old Linksys modem and 1 year old Linksys wireless usb adapter, among other hardware and software all less than or equal to 2 years old. Crazy. Anyhow, I will finally get some Halloween pics posted on our blog, with an update of course, and I will get back to my usual blogging frequency. Thanks to all of you who've been concerned over our cyber-absence.

Love always,

P.S. F.Y.I., in case any of you are shopping for a new computer also, we learned through our computer fiasco, Dell is sooo not the way to go, computerwise. Over and over it was recommended to us that Gateway and HP are the way to go right now. No one was surprised our computer "went down" after less than 3 years when we told them we have a Dell.

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