Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our little character

Here, in these first 3 photos, Amaya is enjoying one of her favorite activities. She likes to use me as a jungle gym, and this happens often when I am taking pictures of her. Thus the close-up.

She crawls over my legs, onto my lap, and stands beside me and pulls up on my knees so that she can stand. This gives her the perfect opportunity to go for my glasses and/or my hair.

Here she is being silly during our jungle gym game. What a character.

Just prior to these two photos, I had struggled with the monkey to change an "icky" diaper. She did not want her play interrupted to have a diaper change, so she was all over the place during the event. As soon at the clean diaper was on and fastened she was "out of there." She didn't stick around to have her clothes put back on. So, as you can see in these two photos, she's having a ball crawling around in nothing but her diaper. Oh so silly. What a character.

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