Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Playdate in the Park

Here are some pics from our last playdate in the park. The older kids had a blast running around and the little ones enjoyed playing with their toys on blankets in the shade. That is until the older ones trampled all over their play area. Soon enough the little ones will be running around, too. Then it will really get interesting!

(toddler football league)
Will warming up for the big game.
Will and Amaya heading out onto the field.
Quarterback Amaya just made a beautiful pass to Receiver Will, and he made a beautiful catch. Run Will Run. He's going to score a touchdown.
Muted excitement from both the Quarterback and Receiver after the touchdown. They don't appreciate the paparazzi taking pictures.
Will resting between plays.
Emma gets ready on defense. Will gets set to hike the ball to Quarterback Amaya. They're only 14 months. Aren't they talented?!?! Look out NFL.

Amaya and Emma
Girls Will Be Girls

Amaya admiring Will's truck...
...as Emma plays with it.
Notice Emma no longer has the truck. Where did it go?
There it is. Somehow Amaya now has it. Hmmm.

And she has the football, too. No fair. Emma's out of here.
Amaya runs after Emma. "Wait. Come back. I'll share. I promise."
Amaya and Emma, friends again. Will's staying out of it. Smart boy. The toys are his, too, but he's content to just let the girls have them. Again, smart boy.

The "Big Kids" Running Around
Will, Amaya, and Emma had a ball running all over the place. Eventually Will and Emma rejoined the group in the shade, but Amaya continued running all over the place. Thus, I continued running all over the place. Who needs to exercise when you have a toddler named Amaya?! Every so often I'd lead Amaya back to the group so we could socialize, but it wouldn't be long and she was off and running, often crashing other "parties", ie other playgroups. Too funny. So, moral of the story, if Amaya doesn't spend the whole playdate eating, she spends it running. Literally.

Random Pics of the Gang

All six kids: (clockwise from Amaya's hair, smile, smile) Amaya's hair, Kate (with mommy Ashley), Jaxon (with mommy Erin), Will looking at Jaxon, Ellie (with mommy Joo), and Emma (will Will's mommy Anjee). Missing from the picture, Christine (Emma's mommy), and of course Mae and little Brooklyn, our newest playgroup baby. Congrats Mae. We can't wait for you to bring Brooklyn to her first playdate outside the womb.
Amaya and Emma with their loot (they stole the toy turtle from the "little" kids).
Kate and Ellie (ha, ha...like "Kate and Allie"...get it...you know, the ol' '80's tv show...I loved that show!)
Ellie, Kate, and Jaxon with Amaya and "her truck" looking on. Will was nice enough to let Amaya keep the truck until the next playdate because she didn't want to part with it. Don't worry Will, I bought Amaya her own. You'll get it back at the next playdate. Smile, smile.


Riecke's said...

Thank you Thank you for posting all these pics! And the great commentary! They are all so cute! Looking forward to the next one! Will is missing Amaya already!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures and captions were great. I was laughing so hard Vern had to come in the room to findout what was so funny. I'm bummed that Emma won't be at the next playdate.