Sunday, June 29, 2008

Play Date, Pool Party Style

Amaya and I hosted a pool party this past Wed. for our play group. Amaya enjoyed sharing her pool with her little friends and had so much fun she looks forward to doing it again!
Here Amaya is checking out Brooklyn's carseat. She proceeded to remove the items it contained and crawl on in.
She just sat there hanging out. Soooo funny. You just wonder what's going on in her mind. Is she thinking 'maybe if I sit in the carseat I'll get to go somewhere in the car', or is she just tired of waiting for brunch to be over so she can swim, or lastly, are those carseats truly that comfortable? Maybe they should make them in adult sizes. Smile, smile.
Here Will is either telling Amaya that that is not her carseat, or to get out it's his turn.
Mae and baby Brooklyn.
Sweet little Ellie.
Newest additions to the playgroup: baby Brooks and new mommy Casey.
Brooklyn and Brooks splish splashin' their feet.
Ellie says, "Whoa, look at the pool. Let's go mommy (Joo)."

Cool Dude Will
The "older" kids and actually, coincidentally, the "older" moms.
Brooklyn and Brooks...what a pair!
Ellie Chillin' Hippo Style

Will Chillin' Turtle Style

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