Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amaya's Latest

Little Miss Amaya continues to bring us endless joy...and laughter. She's just soooo darn funny, as are many kids. Her facial expressions are priceless. She has started imitating much of what we do, which is so fun. And the goodness the dancing. If there's a beat, she's a jammin'. Whether it's a commercial, the radio, or us singing, she's rocking out. If she's sitting in her high chair, she'll still tap her feet and sway side to side with at least her head, sometimes swaying so much she moves the entire high chair side to side.. She'll even snap her fingers. She likes to show her appreciation when it's music she likes. She definitely has preferences. We'll be listening to Music Choice, as you can see in the picture below, and sometimes when a new song comes on she'll light up and get more into her dancing as if to say "this is my kind of music." She has done the same thing in restaurants. And with Alltell commercials. She loves Alltell commercials. That started before Christmas and continues to be the case. Funny! She continues to eat fruit like fruit will soon cease to exist. Makes for fun diaper changes for mommy. And her fruit obsession is starting to burn a huge hole in our wallet! I thought feeding her would be cheaper now that she's off formula. Not so. I am going to have to start buying fruit in bulk for this child. We seriously have to cut her off at around 14 strawberries, or 50 blueberries, or about 30-35 grapes. No kidding. That's one sitting. We feed her fruit at the end of meals so she'll eat some other foods first. She graduates from swimming tomorrow. Yeah! Will be nice to have our mornings free again. But we'll miss Becki, Amaya's instructor, and seeing the other kids and parents. But now we can do some other things, so that will be nice. I will post pics and perhaps a video clip or two from Amaya's last swimming lesson the next time I blog.

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Riecke's said...

I love these pics! She is so beautiful! No wonder Will loves her so much! She's a hottie!!!!