Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is it June already?

Wow, where does the time go?!?! Since it's been almost a month since I've blogged (bad blogger, bad blogger), I figured it's about time I get back at it. First I'll start with an update on what we've, and most importantly what Amaya's, been up to. Then I'll follow with the fun part. Pictures. I haven't been the best at snapping photographs lately...I've been focusing on the last 15oo I've taken (editing/uploading/printing them and putting them in albums)...but I have a few shots from when Scott's family visited, some of Amaya's newest playmate, and some from our last playdate.

O.K. So what's been keeping us soooo darn busy?

The Monday after Scott and I got back from Mexico, Amaya started phase 2 of her swimming classes, which are everyday, Mon.-Fri. So that keeps me on my toes. She's doing great. She's on pace to graduate by June 18th at the latest, but maybe even earlier. She's pretty much mastered all of the skills as of today, but they just need some fine tuning and then she masters them fully clothed. She's just in her swimming suit now. They have them work on their skills fully clothed and then even with heavy shoes and coats on because kids aren't necessarily in their swimming suits when they fall into a body of water. So, anyway, it's so fun to see all of her hard work paying off now! It's soooo fun to see her swim across the pool to the stairs at 14 months. I will bring my camera to one of her upcoming lessons and post the pics.

The weekend after we returned from vacation, Scott's dad and brother came to do some serious golfing. Scott's mom came along, too, and hung out with Amaya and I. Ironically, they arrived on our first triple digit day of the year and were here during the 3 record setting hot days we had in May. Then, the day after they left our highs dipped back down into the 90's and even 80's and we didn't see triple digit heat again until this past weekend. Crazy. But, the boys managed to golf 36 holes each day, despite the record setting heat, proving that we don't lie when we say it really isn't that bad. The dry heat does make a difference. We still feel that a dry 110 feels better than the humid 90's we had in Chicago in July and Aug. I can't remember the exact temps we hit, but they were 110+. So, anyway, while the boys golfed, the ladies hung out and enjoyed the pool. Grandma Kim got to see Amaya the pool lover in action. She even showed grandma how she has nooo fear, playing her "jump into the pool and climb back out over and over again" game (again, the jumping into the pool part is to mom's waiting arms, so no worries out there). Another irony of the weekend was that Amaya got sick for the first time. Of course it's when family is visiting. Isn't that how it always goes? The poor little sweetheart had a case of the uppie chuckies, but bounced back quickly.

O.K. What else? Scott and I have each been enjoying our fave summer spectator sports. Scott's of course are golf and baseball. He's pumped that the Cubbies are on a 8-game winning streak and that it's the first time that has happened since they won the Championship in 1908. According to Scott, it's their year. But, being the ever loyal Cubbie fan and eternal optimist when it comes to the Cubs, he says that every year. But hopefully this is the year the statement comes true. Of course mine is tennis, tennis, tennis. Go Djokovic!!! For those of you who aren't tennis fans, my fave player Novak Djokovic won today in the quarter finals of the French Open. Yeah!

Now we are just gearing up for a trip to South Dakota in a couple weeks to see family and friends (and for Scott, of course golf). Amaya is growing, changing and learning new things and words every day. She's so darn fun and funny we can hardly stand it. Aren't kids the best?

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