Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amaya the Swimmer

Amaya graduated from her ISR swimming classes last Friday. Here she is on graduation day showing off her skills.
Amaya floating. She can get herself into a floating position after vertical placement submerged under the water, a simulated pool edge fall, after a "flip-over", after swimming face down, and fully clothed.

Amaya resting mid-lesson. This is Becki, her instructor.

Amaya swimming to the stairs. They teach them to swim-float-swim, which means to swim with their face down, roll onto their back when they need to breath and rest, then roll back over and swim face down some more, repeating the sequence until they reach shore, the stairs, the pool wall, etc. So far, since Amaya is quite young still, she's just tackled the distance seen above (between the instructor and the stairs). The instructor always stays, at most, arm length distance away, so the kids are very safe during lessons. So, don't worry out there. These instructors are highly trained and aren't your usual swim instructors. I highly recommend this program to all of you with youngsters out there. Check out the website at
Here the instructor is lifting up on Amaya's swimsuit ruffle to encourage her to flip back over and swim the rest of the way to the stairs. Sometimes a verbal prompt works, but sometimes she needs a little more encouragement to finish. They can float like that for long periods of time, so I guess she just wants to lay back and relax sometimes. Smile, smile.
She made it to the stairs. Yeah!
Amaya resting after her last lesson of the year. She sure worked hard these past 5 weeks, but it has paid off.

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John, Erin and Jaxon said...

We are so proud of you Amaya!
Way to go!