Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amaya's New Little Friend

Amaya went to visit her new little friend Brooklyn last week. Here Amaya is checking out precious little Brooklyn. She just stared for the longest time. I bet she was thinking something like, "she looks so real compared to my baby doll."

Finally, after lots of observation, it looked like Amaya was going to try touching little Brooklyn. But...she just held her hand near Brooklyn's head for the longest time. It was so funny. It's like she wasn't quite sure if she should, or if she was allowed, to touch her. It's like she was debating, should I or shouldn't I, should I or shouldn't I?
She put her hand down and looked at Brooklyn's mommy Mae as if to ask permission. We all told her she can touch the baby, gently.
So Amaya did, but...
then the baby moved. Amaya was like whoa, she's moving. She whipped her hand back.
It was quite cute and funny. Brooklyn and Amaya's first interaction. So precious. Soon they'll be playing dolls together and running around playing football at playgroup gatherings.
Amaya has a look that says "was she suppose to move, did I do something wrong."
Welcome to the world, little Brooklyn!

Love always,
Your pal Amaya

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