Friday, August 31, 2007

Monthly Summary- August

Wow! August has zoomed by. It's already time for an update. Over the course of the month, Amaya has become more and more active, and more and more animated. She loves to play and is very "independent." She lets you know when she's had enough of being held and when she wants to be put down to play, play, play. She'll occupy herself by playing for rather long periods of time in terms of babyhood. Probably as long as 30 minutes in some instances. Which gives mommy a quick blurp of time to type up this summary. She is presently happy as can be playing with her gymini. She goes around and around in circles, exploring all it has to offer. Amaya has also learned to love going on errands with mom. She loves all the new sights and sounds, and the people, too. Today we were at the post office, and she was an absolute hit, entertaining the 2 ladies behind us in line. They loved her. Who doesn't love a baby? And she loved them, too. Amaya now giggles and laughs a lot. We've gotten some great footage of her laughing hysterically. She loves playing "boo", "tickle, tickle", "kissing game", and any acrobatic-type game. They all get her laughing. More and more, sounds coming out of her mouth are starting to sound like words. I caught what was very close to dada today. Amaya continues to love bathtime. We keep putting less and less water in the tub, and she keeps splashing more and more. Our bathroom is literally flooded after bathtime, everytime, even with only an inch or two of water in the tub. She sent a tidal wave over the toilet the other day. We have to wear rain gear when we bath her. She pulls her little legs back as far as she can and then swings them back into the water as hard and quick as she can. She loves that! She's very much into exploring her environment. She checks out any and everything. She loves playing with my hair and she's so gentle about it in the beginning, which surpises me, but she ends the game like most babies. Grabbing on and pulling like there's a prize at stake. LOL. Amaya continues to enjoy her pool on the cooler days. She's definitely going to be a water baby. She'll be swimming in the ocean with mom and dad before we know it. Amaya is on a very consistent schedule now. She sleeps from 10pm-8am and naps, on average, from 930-1030, 1230-2, and 4-5. Amaya has the eating cereal thing down now. She gets cereal before her 11am bottle. Next week we are going to start giving it to her with her 5pm bottle, too. Then, in 2 weeks, we will start the veggies. It's hard to believe she'll be 6 months in 2 weeks. More shots. Ugh. Shhhhh. Don't tell her. Smile, smile. Amaya sits up unassisted now, and does really well with it. She can stay upright for several minutes. She has good balance and will put her arm out to stop herself from toppling over when she gets wobbly. Sometimes that works, sometimes she topples over anyway. It all depends on the position of her arm. Amaya has 2 teeth on the bottom now and 2 more trying to break through on the top. She'll be ready for steak dinners before we know it. Let's see...what else...that's probably enough for now. Smile, smile. We'll post another update at the end of Sept. In the meanwhile, we'll continue posting pics. Take care, everyone!

Love always,

P.S. Amaya wanted me to add that she loves making flatulence noises with her mouth. Kids will be kids, what can I say. We have great video footage of that, too. Worthy of AFV. Smile, smile.

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Riecke's said...

Love the update. It's so neat to compare where she is at and where Will is at! See you next Friday for their chaperoned date. She is so beautiful! Thanks for posting!