Thursday, October 11, 2007

More "Swimming" Pics

Amaya has proven to definitely be a water baby, as we suspected from the beginning due to her love for bathtime and for pooltime. Survival swimming lessons continue to go well. Amaya mastered her float early on, so now she is working on mastering her rollback. This has proven to take longer than mastering the float, because Amaya doesn't mind being face down in the water. She looks around when face down as if she has on a snorkel and a face mask. She has done her rollback on her own here and there, but is not consistant with it. We're anticipating mastery of that skill in the next week or so. Amaya has also shown us why we are taking her to survival swimming classes. Prior to her lesson one day, she was eyeing the pool and water. She pulled herself over to the edge and peered into the pool. The instructor had me let her be. She wanted to see what Amaya would do. Sure enough, she lunged into the pool. The instructor was there to catch her so as to prevent Amaya from a shock as she hit the water. But it just goes to show the curiosity of children and abilities of even infants. Stayed tuned for a video clip from Amaya's graduation day (from phase 1 of her swiming lessons).

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