Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Old" Pics (and quick Amaya update)

Every 6 months I edit the pics I've taken, upload them to Kodak gallery, and print them off. That's the project I am working on right now and I came upon this duo that I remember meaning to blog. It's from one of our zoo trips last spring, when Amaya was battling her carousel addiction. She is on an elephant, and thus felt the need to impersonate an elephant. So cute and funny. You can see her bangs being blown straight up as she makes her elephant noise. Her arm is simulating an elephant trunk. Thanks to Grandma Cindy for teaching her this one. :-)

Blogging break over. Back to my photo project. But first, I guess I'll type a quick Amaya update since I don't get that much time to blog these days. Amaya keeps me busy! :-)
O.K. So what is Amaya up to these days? She continues to be a fish. Her swimming improves every time we get in the pool. It's so fun to watch her. She loves, loves, loves her pool...and the neighbors' pool. We went to a bbq/pool party at our neighbors last weekend and she had a ball swimming around a different pool. After we were done swimming, all dried-off, dressed and ready to eat, Amaya decided it was time to swim some more. She stripped off her clothes and jumped in for a little skinney dip. Too funny.
Other than swimming, Amaya's new passion is the "Bounce House" as we call it. She asks to go there most days. I try to take her once a week. She gets so excited when we arrive there. She has a ball. It's a great place to let the little ones run around and burn off energy!
Amaya continues to enjoy her little friendships. She talks about her friends a lot...if she sees a picture of them, if she just saw them we'll hear all about what they did, if we are going to see them. It's also so fun to watch her "chatting" with her friends now. Especially the bigger kids. She's developed some friendships at the gym with a few older's so funny to watch that interaction! And there is one boy at the gym that "picks" on her. He likes to grab her pony tail. So we are already teaching her how to deal with "naughty boys." I taught her to tell him..."no, that's naughty, say you're sorry." I wonder if she has done this yet. I would love to be a bug on the wall to see it when and if she really says this to him.
Amaya's speech is really coming along. It's so fun to watch that milestone progress. She loves singing songs and having songs sung to her. I sing to her every night before bed in the rocking chair, with her snuggled over my shoulder. Recently she's started turning her head to watch me sing. Our faces are just inches apart. She just smiles and looks into my eyes and it melts my heart and I never want the moment to end. So sweet. Those are the moments I shall hold onto forever!
Amaya is super into snuggling these day. Much to mommy and daddy's delight. We'll snuggle on the couch watching "videos", we snuggle as she's waking from her nap, and in the morning she likes to join us for a family snuggle. We wake up to hearing her say "mommy daddy snuggle", then we hear her door open, her little feet coming down the hallway, and our door open, then we have a family snuggle. So sweet, unless it's before 6 a.m. that is. If it's before 6, then mommy walks her back to her own bed. Family snuggle time isn't sweet until after 6 a.m.
And lastly, I read that kiddos' behavior will be most challenging on the 1/2's, as in 1 &1/2, 2 &1/2, 3 &1/2, etc. We are definitely finding this to be true. At 18 months, I thought about going back to work full-time. :-) Well, she testing limits again, exerting her independance, and trying to call all the shots. Oh, reasoning with a 2 &1/2 year old all day can prove challenging. She keeps me on my toes. So far our strategies are working. Thanks and Dr. Harvey Karp. Knock on wood they continue to do so. O.K. Enough for now. Gotta run. :-)

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