Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kidsfaire at The University of Phoenix Stadium

Daddy holding back Amaya as she awaited her turn to meet Dora.
"Wow! It's her! It's really her!"
In awe, thrilled, and full of joy, all at the same time.
"I can't believe I am snuggling up to Dora right now."
Up close and personal.
Rubbing cheeks with celebrities.
Amaya wanted to "bunjee bounce" so bad, so we waited in line "forever" to do just that. As we were finally nearing the front of the line, the Wiggles took the stage. Amaya wanted to go "see the show," but we watched from afar. We weren't starting our wait over. :-)
Amaya enjoyed singing along. It helped pass the rest of our line wait.
Amaya getting her safety harness on.
I had to give her a lollipop to keep her from approaching the bunjee area until it was her turn.
Waiting patiently.
Finally her turn.
So excited. She kept saying, "mommy, I'm sooo excited."
Bunjee bouncing begins.
"This is soooo fun!"
Bouncing sling shot style.

Flying high.
What goes up, must come down.
Just a blur.

Our little thrill seeker flying high.
"Oh man. My turn is over." :-(
"That was soooo much fun!"
Getting in a few last bounces as they released the tension on the bunjee cords.
Mom, I'm ready for skydiving now. :-)
Daddy and Amaya four-wheelin'.
Catching some air four-wheeler style.
Disclaimer: Toddler Driver

Airplane time.
Princess Pilot
Concentrating on the controls.

Look at me. I can fly.

Amaya got to jam with DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.

I wonder where he shops? :-)

His songs were stuck in our heads the rest of the day. I guess that means they are catchy...yeah, that's how we shall put it. :-)

Amaya enjoying the show. She sang Yo Gabba Gabba songs all the way to the car.

We made one last stop to see Sponge Bob on the way out.

Thanks Kidsfaire for the fun-filled day.


The West Family said...

How fun! I saw that and we thought about going, too bad we didn't. Kate would have loved it...especially Dora!

Casey said...

I love the bungee pics, she looks like she is having a blast! Glad to see you are all well Becky!

Anonymous said...

Amaya looks like she had a blast. I wish we would have known about it. Emma would have had fun and she loves sponge Bob

Riecke's said...

What a brave little chicky. Maybe I need to do that bungee jumping to get Ella out! Looks like a great time!