Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Song, A Story, And A Picture Or Sixteen

Happy Holidays
Dearest family and friends up north... We shall miss seeing you all this holiday season. But here is a little song to explain why we choose to make our annual visit up north in the summertime instead of during the holidays. It's to the tune of "Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It Snow."

Let's Not Go. Let's Not Go. Let's Not Go.
The weather up north is frightful,
But down south it's so delightful,
So since we don't miss the snow,
Let's not go, let's not go, let's not go.
We'll go instead in summer,
When we won't have to bring a sweater,
The temps won't be quite so low,
Then we'll go, then we'll go, then we'll go.
Scott'll golf a round or two,
And have more than just one brew,
He may win some money, too,
That sounds fun, now that is true.
If you're north this Christmas we'll miss you,
But feel free to visit us, too,
You may like it just so darn much,
When you leave you'll cry a bunch, cry a bunch.
When you return home you'll think of Phoenix,
And how much you hated to leave it,
It's so warm you may just move here,
Then we'll celebrate with a beer, with a beer.
So, that is why we have come to stay put during the holidays. :-) It's so much more fun heading north in June. We do love it here in AZ. The only thing that is missing is all of our family and friends. Though we have wonderful friends here in AZ, and we're lucky to have family here, too, it would be perfect if everyone was here. Miss you all!

Our 1st Annual Day of Fun in the Snow
With this winter wonderland only a few hours away, this is why we don't miss the snow. O.K. It's only part of why we don't miss the snow. The romanticized part. The real part is understood by all who have lived through a midwestern winter. Especially those who know the northern ND and northern MN winters. :-)
Amaya's first sled and sled ride.
Now that's the way to travel to the sled hills!

The snow was still deep, even though much had melted due to warm temps the past few days. Daddy and mommy got a work-out taking turns carrying miss Amaya back up the hill.

Next year we're buying her boots so she can climb back up on her own two little feet! :-)

Look at that sled. Designed for speed just like daddy wanted.
Daddy and Daughter bonding at it's finest.
Mommy's turn to zoom down the hill with my little snow princess. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Amaya squeeled with joy on the way down, but then would cry when we tried to leave her on the sled to pull her back up rather than carry her. Guess going slow alone on the sled is scary, but going lightning fast with mom and dad is fun, fun, fun.
Snowman time!
( Really he's thinking I am so glad I am done carrying 25# and a sled up a hill through a couple of feet of snow). :-)
Amaya and her bff Jaxon waiting patiently for snowman building to begin.
Jaxon being all boy decided they would pass the time with a snowball fight first. And this is where my camera batteries died. :-( Thank goodness Jaxon's mommy Erin got some snowman pics. We have to have pics of Amaya and her first snowman. Especially with how much she loves, loves, loves snowmen.
More Packer Pics

Amaya and Packer Bear ready and waiting patiently for kick off.
Thanks daddy for my Rodgers jersey!
Consoling Packer Bear After a Bad Play
Amaya and the Big Man in Red
This was after pictures. Guess she was all smiled out by this time. :-)

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