Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Now that football season is over (after tomorrow), the holidays are over, I am done reading the Twilight series, and our very busy January is over, it is time to get back to blogging. We've had a very busy, but fun past few months. We had lots of fun watching our Packers this season. We even had fun watching Favre silence his critics. I had a blast reading the Twilight series. Scott continued and continues to enjoy golfing.....frequently. Oh, the perks of living in the Valley of the Sun. We had fun watching the Australian Open. And we even went on a getaway with friends. And now on to Amaya.

Amaya has had a blast on many fun playdates. She continues to love the park, the bounce house, and she even got to go to her first movie with her little buddy Brooklyn. See Mae's blog for photos. Mae is a much better blogger than I. :-) Amaya also got to go to the Wildlife World Zoo with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry and she's been enjoying lots of quality time with Grandma Kim and Grandpa John while they're in AZ escaping the cold for 2 months. Lately Amaya also enjoys cruising around in her first "car." See pics below. She also loves playing musician with the instruments she got for Christmas. She sings various songs while playing various instruments. Perhaps we have a budding musician in our midst. Another interest of hers is puzzles. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. She has gotten quite good at them. She is still a lover of snowmen and still asks to go see the snow. Our snow day with the Luedy's didn't cure her of that (see previous blog entries). But, she shall have to wait until next year to see the snow again. We are booked on the Polar Express next December (or as Amaya calls it...Choo Choo Express). That should be fun! are some pics from some of our events of the past few weeks. Excuse the quality. I've dropped my camera 12 too many times and am currently shopping for a new one. :-) If anyone has any camera recommendations, I'd love them!


Having fun at church on Chirstmas Eve with the Luedy's.
Music and kids mixes so well.

This is Amaya after church. She found a soccer ball in the greenbelt and away she went. She ran all over kicking it along, controlling the ball the whole way. I saw her do this on the monitor at the gym one time, so it was fun having Scott see for himself. He believed me, but still, 'til you see it with your own eyes. No one ever taught her this. She's a natural at soccer I guess. Go figure. It's a sport neither of us enjoys. But even so, I signed her up for soccer this spring. Hopefully she'll love tennis and golf, too. :-)

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree (on Christmas Eve shortly before Santa arrived)
Amaya opening Santa gifts on Christmas morning.
So thrilled with her new Minnie and Mickey.
Now that's a happy face. Santa done good.
Stocking time.
Checking out her stocking stuffers.
She opened candyland, some new slippers, etc., etc. She was happy with each item. She said thank you after opening each gift. But it wasn't until she opened her new Abby that we saw the expression of pure elation again, similar to the one she exhibited with Mickey and Minnie. As always, she is most passionate about her animals and dolls.
A Frosty Ornament for our little Frosty Fan
Thrilled again. It's another doll. A beautiful Dora doll. She opened it and immediately hugged the box. Love at first sight was the look on her face.
She was desperate to get to Dora. She kept saying excitedly, "Open it! Open it! Open it!"
Dressing up in her princess dress and shoes.
After opening gifts we showered up. Next Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry arrived and we had Christmas brunch. Then mom and dad had one more present for miss Amaya.
In this picture, she looks confused and/or unsure about what this big, bulky present could be.
But when she realized what it was, she was ready to go for a spin.
She loves, loves, loves cruising in her jeep.
4 Packer Fanatics about to watch their beloved Packers (myself, Scott, and Scott's parents)
Scott and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation with our dear friends the Melquists (Jeramiah and Sarah) and the Fullers (Mike and Krista). We enjoyed lots of pool time, lazy river time, a little waterpark and ocean time, lots of golf for the boys and spa time for the girls, and an all around great time. We pretended we were in our 20's again part of the time and had lots of fun doing so. We enjoyed many a happy hours poolside, and sometimes at the pool bar. We even had a fabulous poolside waiter one day, Javier, that "kept our glasses full" while we enjoyed the lazy river. We got to see Tim Mahoney and GB Leighton perform. We enjoyed many a fabulous meals. Saw some beautiful sunsets (although we missed as many as we saw, oops). We even risked life and limb one night on the craziest cab ride ever, after which we bought shirts that read we survived a cab ride with Julio. He was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't too good about lugging the camera around, but for our last 36 hours there I decided it was time to bring the camera along and get some pics. Here are a few.
We missed Amaya, but also enjoyed the R and R.
A lovely evening out with friends.
The start of a very fun night! Margarita's at Pipi's. We heard over and over from EVERYONE that we had to go to Pipi's for their "killer margaritas." They were fab...
and large!
The boys at stop #2...
...and the girls.
We didn't end up staying at stop #3. We used the facilities and moved on! Here are some pics from stop #4.

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And here is a picture from stop #5. No.....we didn't end up in a Mexican jail. We were simply "on stage and in the cage" at a nightclub.

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Great pics! When are you going to the Polar Express? We're booked for Dec 19th. I love my new camera... Canon Power Shot SX120 IS