Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter, Animals, and Friends

I have not been very good about taking pictures lately. I've reverted back to my old ways and just don't usually think of it in the midst of whatever activity we are partaking in. For example, on Easter, looking back there were some great photo ops that I missed. Amaya went to Sunday school with her boyfriend Jaxon. They had so much fun and even ended up being dressed in matching outfits. It would have been cute to have a picture of them that day. And, their daddy's were dressed alike by chance, too. I would have liked to have a picture of that even more. :-) Then after church there was an Easter egg hunt. Again no pics. Didn't take pics of dying Easter eggs either, but they were yummy. I need to get better about taking pics again! I did have a light bulb moment and thought I should snap a couple pics as Amaya checked out what the Easter bunny brought her. So we do have a couple pics from Easter. See below.

Thank goodness most of my friends are good about taking pics, which reminds me to grab my camera and snap a few myself. Here are some pics from "Meet the Creatures", which Mae and I took "the girls" to last Tues.
Amaya's buddie Brooklyn, sweet little Alexis, and their mommy Mae.

Amaya feeding the guinea pigs (above and below).

Amaya petting a rabbit I think.

Stolen pic #1 from Mae's blog. She had a better angle and got both Amaya and Brooklyn in the photo.

Stolen pic #2. This "creature" (see pic above and below) was a padagonian cavy that roamed the room saying hello at will.

Stolen pic #3. The cavy again and a brave little girl in an orange dress.
Stolen pics #4 and 5. Brooklyn, Will, Amaya, and Ellie having a snack in the middle of playing HARD! Amaya was exhausted after this playdate last Wed. She took a loooong nap AND went to bed early that night. Got to love that! :-)
FUNNY STORY: Amaya had so much fun with "her friends" last Wednesday that she talked about it all Thurs. We had plans to meet her buds Will and Brooklyn and their mommies for lunch on Friday, but daddy ended up surprising us by getting home from golf 2 hours early. So, since we don't get him home on a weekday very often, we took a raincheck on lunch with our friends and went shopping and to lunch with daddy. I didn't think I had told Amaya that we were meeting Anjee, Mae, and kids for lunch, but I must have. Because as we sat down at Oregano's, Amaya looked around and said "where's my friends, where's Brooklyn and Will?" Oops. When I told her they weren't coming she was not happy. So I told a little white lie to pacify her. I said that Mae called and said Brooklyn was sick, so we'll have to do lunch another time. And being the great friend that she is she said, "Mae and the baby can come." She really does care about Brooklyn. She just wasn't thinking. :-) Scott and I found this so funny.
I took Amaya to get her 3 year pics a couple weeks back. I will post a few later this week. Out of time for now. Happy Monday everyone.

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