Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Little Amaya

It has been a month since I have blogged. [Are you really surprised? ;-) You must have realized I am a monthly blogger by now. :-)] So just what has our little princess been up to lately? Check out the pics and captions to see.
Helping dad with household duties like changing the furnace filters.
Morning lattes with friends.
Date nights with her boyfriend. He likes to take her for rides on his "motorcycle."

He even lets her drive sometimes.
Spending time at the neighborhood waterpark, one of her happy places.
Splash down. The water kind of camouflages Amaya and Ariel.
"This is the life."
Time for the red slide.
Now that is a look of joy and happiness.
Quality daddy time.

Swimming. Even when she is in shallow water where she can touch, she usually opts to swim. Note in the picture above in front of the little boys there is a pink hue and a brown hue just under the surface of the water. Yup....that's Amaya swimming.
Here is a better view of what she looks look when under the water.
She loves swimming soooo much, it just dawned on me that perhaps that is why she loves Ariel so. Perhaps she aspires to be a mermaid. She looks like one here.
Our little swimmer.
Making friends.
Practicing her moves.
Looking cute and being sweet....most of the time ;-).
Playing dolls.
Playing My Little Pony.
Playing kitchen.
Being silly. Brooklyn is like why is she picking up her necklace with her toes.
Taking friends for rides in her jeep. This is Brooklyn's first time riding with Amaya. She's not too sure about Amaya's driving.
Brooklyn's enjoying the drive a little more now.
Sneaking into mom and dad's bed. Amaya had a nightmare a couple weeks back in which she said an astronaut flew over our house and then came in her bedroom window, after which he bit her in the face (as recounted to me) or bit her tongue (as recounted to Scott). After said nightmare, she was scared to sleep in her room by herself. We started to leave her door open at night with the hall light on and that seemed to solve the problem...for a couple weeks anyhow. This week she was back to being scared despite the door open and hall light on. She'd ask me to sleep on her floor. She'd come out 3 or 4 times every night seeking reassurance before finally giving in to her sleepiness. Then one night this week she only came out for reassurance we thought. She just found another way to feel secure. Mommy and daddy's bed. When we headed up to bed after the news, this is what we found in our bed. Little stinker. Now that's thinking. Note the time on the clock.
Playing t-ball and soccer. Haven't taken any pics of soccer....oops.
Holding babies. This is Amaya's first time holding a baby. Her newest little friend Maxdyn (Jaxon's baby sister). Amaya was enthralled and seemed to absolutely love it.
"Look at me mom, I am holding Maxdyn."
"Uh, this isn't fun anymore. She's crying."
"I love pacifiers. This is fun again."
"Oh, she is soooo sweet. This is so fun." Future babysitter? Probably. Future NICU nurse? Perhaps. Future mommy? I'll bet on that. :-)
Toddler love.

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