Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Journey to the North Pole

Amaya's had a fun Christmas season so far! She kicked it off with a Christmas festival with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry in their neighborhood. There she got to see a tree lighting, during which she reportedly said, "that blesses my heart." So sweet. At the festival she also got to roast marshmallows, drink hot cocoa, AND, see Santa.

In addition to the usual tree decorating, carol singing, light looking, cookie eating activities of a 3-year-old during Christmas, Amaya also got to go to the Star of Wonder show at Phoenix First Assembly. The production was fabulous. Amaya's favorite part was the flying angels. Mine was the fact that the camel didn't fall on us since it knelt down right next to us. (For those of you who haven't already seen it, check out "Camel Falls into Crowd" on you tube.)

Amaya also had a pajama party at pre-school where they celebrated the season by making Christmas cookies, then watching Polar Express. This was the perfect segway into our weekend because during this past weekend WE WENT TO THE NORTH POLE. It's just a hour-long train ride on the Polar Express. Amaya had a ball. I recommend the Polar Express journey to anyone that has kids that "believe." Here are some photos from our journey.

Living dangerously posing in front of a train. J/K. Obviously said train is retired and on display.
We were cracking up watching Amaya walk to the train from the train depot. She was all shivering with her teeth a chattering away, complaining of the cold.
You can tell she is an AZ native! Cold? This isn't cold my sweet! Cold is January in Minot, North Dakota!!!
"Warming up" on the train.
So excited.
She warmed up enough to take her coat off. This is a picture of Amaya looking out at the Christmas lights as the train embarked on it's journey.
Enjoying her hot cocoa.
She saved the cookie for later. CRAZY!
Laughing at the conductor's Santa jokes. Check out her adorable Santa pajamy's.
Amaya looking out the window as we arrive at the North Pole.
Amaya in awe!
Excitedly waiting for Santa.
The big moment finally arrives. A special moment with the man in red. Note Santa giving Amaya a bell.
Amaya checking to see if she can hear her bell ring. She could! It worked! She believes!

Happy Holidays!

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John, Erin, Jaxon and Maxdyn said...

scott looks a little green around the gills...did he get motion sickness on the train or something?!
Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to go next year!