Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Pre-K (and other fun stuff)

First Day of Pre-K

Before we left the house for pre-k, I asked Amaya if I could take a quick picture. She proceeds to pose like she's doing a photo shoot for a magazine. The following pictures are the result. Where do they learn this stuff? You'd think she's been to a modeling academy or something. Granted....she has "modeled" in the past. Twice. Both times as a baby. Don't think that's where she learned this. Funny. She makes us laugh. (I suddenly remember my m-i-l telling me how much of a ham Scott was as a young child. Connection? Possibly.)

Fourth of July Time

Bath Time

Amaya's new thing is lining up all her little bath friends and having them take turns going down her Dora bath slide. Weeee! Fun times.

Play Time

Computer Time

Waterslide Time

Pool Time

Movie Time

Dance Time

Amaya had so much fun dancing, dancing, dancing we had to physically remove her from the stage as the sun was going down and it was nearing her bedtime. This was during our stay-cation with friends at the Arizona Grand Resort. Watching her move and groove to the music made me think we should pull her out of tap and ballet and put her in hip hop. We don't know where she gets her moves. It was hilarious. I wish I had my video camera handy. Now granted, the majority of the songs were Black Eyed Peas songs and ask those who know her best and they will tell you how she loves the Black Eyed Peas. So it was her music. Clearly she was in her element.

Parent's Night Out Time (at the gym)

Amaya loves, loves, loves her "gym parties." Her two bestest gym buddies for 3 years now, Avery and K.J., are always in attendance, also, and we hear the trio is usually inseparable. This past month one of the "teachers" photographed the event and she was nice enough to email me the photos. Thanks Naomi. So now we get to see for ourselves what goes on while we are away.

Avery, Amaya and K.J. making caterpillars out of egg cartons.

A and A, painting away.

There they are again, play-doh time.

And again.

And again.

Yum, pizza.

The night always ends with a movie. You can see the trio watching in the background. When we arrived to pick up Amaya, K.J. and Amaya were walking around holding hands. It was so cute and sweet. She later told us she is going to marry K.J. K.J. is a great kid so we are cool with that. We simply requested that she have an 18 year engagement.

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