Monday, April 2, 2012

7 Days of Blogging: Day 3 (Amaya's "Hole-In-One")

Scott and I were hanging out on the patio at Seville while watching Amaya at golf lessons. I had just grabbed the videocamera and was recording. She took a swing, the ball went flying, and appeared to go right in the hole (bucket). Her coach was standing behind her at the time and saw it too, and from his reaction we knew the ball did go in the "hole." He threw his arms up in the air and we could hear him cheering. He ran out to the bucket, grabbed the ball and ran it back to Amaya. He handed it to her and what does she do? She puts it down and hits it again. Silly girl. Would have been fun to keep the ball even though it wasn't a true hole-in-one. I love that we got it on video! Couldn't get it to upload to the blog though. Grandparents, we shall show you the footage next time you are over/visit. ;) Here's some photos I snapped that day after I was done videotaping.

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