Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Play Date at Agritopia

Second Look
Can you spot the difference between the 2 pics?

Between pictures, Amaya's mommy magically dyed her hair black, changed her outfit, and and became 351/2 weeks pregnant. Wow. Smile, smile.
These are a couple of pictures from our play date today. We had a nice turnout and a nice time. Everyone made it, including some new additions to the gang (Ashley and her daughter Kate, and Lori and her son Brayden). We're missing 2 mommies and their kiddies from the pictures (Lori and Brayden, and Christine and Emma). At the last moment, we decided to snap a few photos before leaving and they had already left. Bummer! Any which way, it was nice to see everyone. Amaya and I are already looking forward to our next outing. Next time I'm feeding Amaya ahead of time so she can have more time to play with her buddies. Smile, smile. (For those of you not up on Amaya's eating habits, she can put away more food than me, thus it takes her a long time to eat. She's presently training for the local 4th of July hot dog eating contest...and she's favored to win. If you've seen her eat, you'd know why.)

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