Thursday, April 17, 2008


O.K. I admit it. I've been a bad blogger lately. We've been extra busy these past few weeks, but I excuses. Bloggin' doesn't take very much time. It's as easy as composing an email. So, I promise I'll get back with it. I'll start with this text update. Then I'll follow by the end of the weekend with a video clip or two, and perhaps some photos. So here we go...

April has been a super busy month so far. It's been filled with playdates; a baby shower/bbq; painting, painting, and more painting; work classes, classes and more classes (and even more yet to come, crazy); Scott's birthday (Happy 32nd Birthday my love- welcome to old, smile, smile); the Masters; etc, etc. Amaya continues to be a joy and a busy body. She loves walking and running any and everywhere! And as many noticed at Mae and Brett's baby shower... she doesn't care what surface she's on...nothing holds her back. She navigates over rough surfaces without a flinch. She walks on the unstable surface of gravel without the slightest difficulty. She climbs over obstacles like they weren't there. She's definitely got an athletic balance about her. She must get that from her daddy. She's in love with people in general. Babies, other kids, adults alike. She waves at passerby's on walks. She waves at every car that goes by, too. She waves when we arrive at stores. She waves when we leave the stores. The cashiers all love that part. They love the "friendly, cute baby." Amaya even waves at our crazy, mean neighbor lady. Which breaks my heart because she'll never wave back. I hope she moves away before Amaya's old enough to question why she won't ever wave back or say hello. Although I guess that will just be where the life lessons will start. Amaya had a ball at the shower/bbq "playing with" the other kids and with Will's toys. She especially loved his lawn mower and practically "mowed" the entire Riecke backyard. Amaya also enjoyed another trip to the zoo, this time with Will and Anjee. For pics, since I haven't been a good blogger lately, check out Anjee's blog at . Also in April Amaya had her first babysitter that hasn't been a grandparent. Erin and Jaxon were nice enough to come over one afternoon to watch Amaya during one of my many classes. When they arrived, Amaya got sooo excited. And Scott said when they left, Amaya cried. How sweet. Guess she wasn't ready for them to leave yet. Guess we can activate her gym membership now. She's clearly ready to be a social butterfly. O.K. What else. Amaya got to go stay with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry at their new house while Scott and I did some of our painting. She had fun meeting all their new neighbors and exploring the new digs. She's also taught mommy that she is definitely a toddler now with a free will and blossoming independence. I learned that she does not like to be carried around home depot. Even if we are just running in for a new switch plate cover. Gull darnit, she can walk. And she can climb the moving stairs, and she can check out the vast array of light switches if she gull darn wants. And she can walk down any aisle she wants. She doesn't need to follow me down the aisle I choose. Oh yeah. Next time, I'll take the time to put her in the baby bjorn. Which she still loves, thank goodness. Because mommy had no idea how much fun a "toddler" can have at home depot. So, that's about it in a nutshell. Happy Spring everyone!

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Riecke's said...

Thank you for the update. Time for pics now. Looking forward to our next playdate and also discuss going to gymboree too!Hope you are relaxing after your busy weekends!