Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun At The Children's Museum

Yesterday Scott had the day off, so we decided to take Amaya to check out the new Children's Museum. We quickly discovered that is was awesome and Amaya definitely loved it! It was so great we'll probably join so we can visit often. Here are some of the highlights.

Of course Amaya had to take time to play with the random ball rolling around. But she quickly discovered there were bigger and better things to do at the Children's Museum.
Here she is looking up at the cool "aerial" display of origami, seen below.
There were many artsy displays like this throughout the museum.

Amaya the adventurer sets off to go exploring.
Cute little tushy.
Whoa...there's daddy. Hi daddy.
This sure is fun, mom.
Now check out this "playhouse." Here Amaya is in the kitchen getting breakfast ready before she wakes up her babies.

She's a busy mommy of octuplets if you didn't notice.
She probably would've been content to stay and play here all day, but we had a whole museum to explore.
So, after watering
and weeding the flowers,
(daddy being silly)

we waved goodbye and set off for more fun.
Here Amaya is playing with a ball game that worked like Plinko. There were lots of different learning contraptions like this. Later on we came upon a room that had lots of different, neat "inventions" to check out, figure out, and play with. That room was probably my favorite room there.
She's ready for "The Price is Right" now.
Next we came upon a cute little grocery store.

Amaya was more interested in the behind the scenes action. She must not have felt like grocery shopping.
Preparing to unload the truck that just arrived at the grocery store.
Notice the brooms behind the produce area. One thing I don't think I've shared yet about Amaya is that she loves to clean. At home, it's her second favorite pasttime behind playing mommy, but before playing ball. So...when Amaya saw the brooms it was over. She began by sweeping in the grocery store, but soon....
moved into cooking classroom...
then I kid you not, she left the play area and took off down the hallway of the museum sweeping. She'd done half of the third floor hallway by the time I caught up to her, causing many museum employees to chuckle, and or say thank you. Too funny.


The pizza is done. I kid you not. She went over and took this "pizza" out of the "oven" and we watched to see what she was planning on doing with it. Well she carried it over to one of the tables as if to serve her "customers." But...
then she proceeded to crawl up onto a chair and chomped down on the fake pizza. O.K. Subtle hint to mom and dad that it must be snack time. It was, too. Actually it was 30 mintues past her normal snack time. No wonder she resorted to fake pizza.
Having a little post snack desert at the....
ice cream shop.
So...needless to say, Amaya enjoyed the Children's Museum. We highly recommend it for a fun family outing. We went on to see many more "exhibits" after this, but I retired from photo taking for the rest of the day. As you can see...I'd already taken plenty of pics halfway through the morning. Smile, smile.

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