Monday, October 27, 2008

Marathon Blogging Time...Again

Looks like I did it again. A whole month got away from me between blogging sessions. Where does the time go? Guess we're just too busy having fun. Smile, smile. It doesn't help that football season is here. That eats up a lot of my free time. Before football season started, Sunday was the day I'd blog. Thus the transition from weekly blog entries to monthly blog entries. My goal is to get back to posting on our blog weekly. Stay tuned to see if it happens. Smile, smile.

So, what have we been up to? We had a visit from Grandma Kim and Grandpa John the end of Sept. Amaya enjoyed showing them all her new tricks. The following week Amaya got her second haircut. This time they cut it how I asked and not like a boy. Thank goodness. Her hair would be super long by now if not for the butcher job we experienced at Snip-its. So, anyway, this haircut turned out cute, a little bob. I am going to keep it in a bob until all the shorter areas from her "boy" cut are grown out. Then daddy requested that I let her grow it out. As you can see from the above picture, it's time for a haircut again. Don't worry daddy, just a bang trim and a little off the length to freshen it up. I promise to share the post-haircut pics this time.

Speaking of hair, Amaya is getting better about letting me do her hair and about leaving the binders/barretts in place. They never stay in all day, but they are staying in longer and longer. Yeah. What else has Amaya been up to besides hair drama? What hasn't she been up to. She's gotten more frequent visits with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jerry now that football season has started. Mommy and daddy prefer to spend their free time doing stuff with Amaya most of the time. But...we don't miss Packer games. And we try not to miss Jets games, now. So...there you go. Last year Amaya joined us for all of the games, but being a busy and bustling toddler now, we don't think she'd last 3-4 hours at b-dubbs anymore. So, when the games are not on tv, she cheers from afar with Grandma and Grandpa, and sometimes her boyfriend Jaxon.

Amaya continues to enjoy playdates, gymboree, playgrounds, playing mommy, cleaning, singing, dancing, chatting, climbing, climbing, did I mention climbing, barney, drawing, being friendly to passerby's, etc. She's the typical toddler. Her vocabulary seems to grow everyday. There is definitely no swearing going on in our household these days...even on game day. Smile, smile. She randomly adds a new word to her vocab here and there, so it's definitley time to keep our mouths clean.

Scott continues to keep busy with work, his girls, and sports, sports, sports. Gotta love Oct. Post-season baseball and the NFL is in full-swing. I think that's why October is the month they overseed (ie put in winter grass) the golf courses here. They figure the golfers will be a little distracted from their golf-withdrawl by the aforementioned sports. Just this past weekend I heard from my hubby, "Do you know how long it's been since I golfed? I haven't golfed since my parents were here." What? How are you still breathing? That was 4 weeks ago. I gently and with love reminded him that he use to have to go all winter without golf, therefore I thought he was going to make it. The courses have reopened and we ordered him up some emergency golf therapy for this Saturday. Unlimited golf at Poston Butte is what Dr. Becky ordered. I hope he follows my recommendation so that he doesn't suffer irreversible damage (ie a higher handicap). Smile, smile. I will keep you all posted.

Another reason I haven't been good about blogging this past month, or about replying to emails, is that I decided to hunt for another job. limited computer time has been spent doing job searches and applying for jobs. Our census at work had been unusually low for an extended period time (several weeks). I guess we lost a bunch of ob's, like around 30. So...I wasn't getting to work hardly at all. I decided this was a good time to see what else is out there. I've accepted a prn day position at another hospital. I figure, why not have my foot in the door at 2 places. That doubles my chances of me getting some hours. So, I will now be working at 2 hospitals. The commitment for my new job is only 2 shifts per 6 week schedule, so the 2 jobs should balance each other out nicely.

O.K. That's enough of the boring text. It's time to go picture crazy.


and Brooklyn makes 3! said...

I love the pictures!!!! SO cute....Amaya is still cute even though she's got the ugly cheerleading uniform on....She can make it work I tell ya! Anyway...see you thurs! Thx for the entertainment while at work!

Riecke's said...

Thank you for the updates and all the fun pics. It's amazing how fast they are growing and how EXTREMELY intelligent they are . hee hee. Just like their mommies! Can't wait to get together again!!! Miss ya! It seems like it's never enough time for girls to chat!