Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friends of all Colors

We, at the Mitchell household, do not discriminate. We have friends of all colors. Yes, even Bear orange and navy and Viking purple and yellow. We went to Brett (Viking's fan), Mae (Bear's fan) and Brooklyn's (fanship dependant on who you ask, mommy or daddy) for the Bears/Vikings game last weekend. It was a fun way to warm up for the Packer game, since we played the late game that day (and what a game that was!). Here are a few pics of the cheerleaders.

Amaya whipping up some snacks for the game using her buddy Brooklyn's kitchen.

"What is this car doing in the kitchen?"

Amaya: "You think you know somebody." Comment is in regard to her shock and dismay at seeing her buddy Brooklyn in a Bears outfit. We've since talked to her about embracing her friends' differences and accepting them.

Brooklyn says, "gee, what's her issue?"

Amaya took our bribe (ie a carrot) and allowed us another chance to photograph her and Brooklyn. But you could feel the tension in the air. You can even see it in this photo. We are confident their friendship is strong enough to make it through the NFL season.

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