Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Time

Here is Amaya getting ready for art time. I put one of my old t-shirts on her and let her have at it. An old t-shirt works perfect to protect their cute clothes, since at this age kids grow too fast to have any old clothes of their own. I've also learned to spread out a plastic drop sheet...taping the oversized coloring pages to a large piece of tagboard doesn't quite cut it. Amaya still managed to paint the floor during our first art session a few months back. You live, you learn. What can I say. Smile, smile.

The artist at work. She's channeling Great-Grandma Mitchell.

What a masterpiece!! Mommy helped with the smiley face.

Amaya deciding it's time for a post art time snack.

Amaya thinking, "maybe this isn't edible. It's not very good."

"It's not funny mommy."

"O.K. Maybe it is."

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