Friday, April 10, 2009

We made it through the storm, er, uh, make that flood.

Since we now live approximately 1,860 miles from the Red River in Grand Forks, we figured it was pretty safe to say that we would be avoiding any flood damage from this year's Red River flooding, unlike in 1997 (oh, fellow UND classmates, remember those days?!?!). It seemed a pretty safe bet. Boy were we wrong! Our home still managed to flood. Yes. That's right. The water still found us. Long story short, our insurance company is now suing our pool guy and I've done nothing all week but deal with our partially flooded main floor (and take care of Amaya, of course). It's been a super fun week! If not for the fact that we had already been through a much worse flooding of our home in 1997, this may have sent my stress levels to their peak. But, remembering back to the time the Red River decided to pay us a visit in our home, all was kept in perspective. We tackled the drying out process, the restoration process, and dealing with the "business aspects" of it all, and now here we sit after a very busy and exhausting week, with the end in sight. Yeah! The "clean-up crew" is gong and we are about to finish the final phase of moving back into our family room. Then it's time for a cocktail! Aaaahhh. Make it a double.

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