Friday, April 24, 2009

Amaya's Latest

Funny stories are in bold for those with limited time to read (ie those with kiddos). :-)
What has Amaya been up to lately? For starters she discovered a new zoo with mommy and mam-ma. Last Sunday "the girls" went to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium while "the boys" (daddy and papa) went golfing. She had so much fun she's still talking about it! It has so much more to offer than the Phoenix Zoo!!! Sorry Phoenix Zoo. We still like you, too. The highlights that Amaya still talks about: the choo choo ride through "Africa"; the boats ("boats, weee, all wet"); "mama monkey, baby monkey, swing, monkey poop", yes...the monkey pooped right in front of us; feeding the giraffes; watching the zebras (she didn't want to leave the zebras, so mommy bought her a stuffed zebra in the gift shop). That gives the idea. Local Valley of the Sun dwellers, check it out! There's so much to do and see there! Worth the drive to the other side of the valley.

Let's see. What else. Amaya's hair is growing like a weed. Now that she leaves the hair contraptions in her hair, we are growing her bangs back out. The side swept look is cute, so we may stick with that. Or grow them all the way out. We shall see. Daddy just loves that it's long! He has banned me from taking Amaya for any more haircuts.

Amaya can now count to 10 all on her own. Although, she does like to leave 7 out half the time for some strange reason. Daddy doesn't like that since that was his baseball number. Maybe that's why she does it. Maybe she thinks 7 is daddy's, since everything else is daddy's. We'll be hanging in the family room in the evening and if I have the remote control, Amaya will come over and grab it from me and say "No! Daddy's remote!" And take it over to Scott. Too funny. Anyone suppose Scott taught her to do that while I was at work? Suspicious! Amaya is also learning her ABC's, colors, and shapes. Her favorite shape is circle for some reason. She points out circles everywhere we go now. It's quite funny. She knows part of the alphabet song and she knows a few colors. We're getting there.

We were going to officially start potty training the first week of April since the last of our "winter" visitors had returned home...but then the flood happened. Then we were going to start this week and Amaya got super sick. ;-(. I think God is telling me it's not time yet. Goodness gracious. We shall see. Meanwhile, she continues to take off her diaper and pants on her own and sit on the potty to pee 3-6 times a day. We always say good girl when she's done, so a few weeks back she started saying "good girl, i pee potty" when she's done. Well, now when I take her into public restrooms so I can use the facilities, she says nice and loudly "good girl, mama pee potty" when I'm done. I'm just waiting for someone to congratulate me when we walk out. :-).

O.K. That's enough for now. Better go get some stuff done before the little one wakes up. Have a great weekend everyone! It's going to be beautiful... mid-80's and sunny. The pool has warmed up after our triple digit day and the 2 upper 90's days, so we are going to try out our pool this weekend. Yeah! Amaya will be thrilled. Miami Vice anyone.

Here are two pictures of our sick little sweetheart. She was a trooper! She's finally back to her energetic self today, but still not eating that much. Don't blame her...she was pretty sick.
Daddy's always make it better!

Wiped out!


Riecke's said...

Oh my gosh. I better get on it. I try to teach Will to count and he repeats 1-2 -1 -2 over and over. Great! Hee hee. Actually the way I feel lately, I"ll be lucky if he gets taught anything else, but to grab something out of the pantry to eat! I hope Amaya feels better!

Anonymous said...

Gosh you're making me feel like I'm a bad parent. Emma can repeat 2after i say 1. I'm just glad Will's not doing this too or I'd really feel bad. LOL

Becky said...

Amaya is older than Will and Emma. They'll be counting to 10 before we know it. Besides...they all learn different things at different times. Amaya still won't say thank you. She'll sign it, but doesn't say it. :-)