Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Him, It's Really Him

Amaya went to see "Elmo's Green Thumb" with one of her boyfriends (Jaxon) on May Day. I managed to snap a couple of pics of the kiddos before the show and a couple of pics at the beginning of the show, despite having camera issues. I had to turn my camera on and take a pic quick before it turned off, so I had to take what I got. Thus the shot of all the characters with their backs turned. Atleast I got a close-up of Elmo for Amaya. :-)
The kids had a blast. They were so excited when the show began and they saw all the Sesame Street characters. They had so much fun taking it all in. They even got to interact with some of the characters because we were in the second row. Amaya's still talking about how she high-fived Telly. She also seems to think she hugged Elmo, but I must've missed that one. Wishful thinking I guess. Anywhich way, it was super fun watching them watch the show. Priceless. And they sat so well for toddlers...until intermission that is. They got a little restless at that point. Considering the age group, I think they should omit the intermission and just go straight through. That 15 minute break just gives toddlers an opportunity to run around and get riled up. Then they're suppose to go back to sitting again. That's a lot to ask. :-) Here's a few pics of the big event. Have a good one everyone. Amaya and Jaxon trying to figure out what we are doing at the "Dodge Theater."
Checking out the colorful props on stage. Hmmm, what are they for?

Oh's Elmo...

and the entire Sesame Street gang!

A toddler's dream actualized.

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