Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Chilly Outside

To kick off this blog entry, I thought I'd start with this picture that I snapped of our tv screen during the news the other night. I thought you midwesterners would get a kick out of it. Notice the adjective used to describe Sunday. :-)

New Outfit
That brings me to these next 2 pictures. Amaya was sooooo excited it was finally cool enough to wear her new "Pooh" outfit. She had been asking to wear this outfit every day for like 2 weeks.

Happy Dance! "I get to wear my new outfit! I get to wear my new outfit!"
"Look at me!"

Talented Toddler
Check out these 2 pictures. Too funny. I didn't know that I had caught this "talent" on film until I looked at the pics after uploading them. Lucky timing!!!
Bear is about to fall, but....
Amaya's quick feet save the day! :-)
Maternal by Nature
It has long been apparent that Amaya is naturally maternal. She's so loving, caring, gentle and sweet. For instance, on Sunday, Nov. 15th, Scott, Amaya, Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Jerry, and I were hanging out in our family room watching the Vikings game (the Packers played the late game that day) and I got sleepy and dozed off as half-time neared. When I woke up I was told about what great care Amaya took of me. She covered me up with one of her blankets, then turned to the others, put her index finger to her lips, and whispered Shhhhh. After that she proceeded to gently stroke the blanket over my leg. Soooo sweet. Here are a couple pictures demonstrating her maternal instincts.
She takes great care of all her baby dolls and animals...except when she's distracted while taking them for a walk and they are half hanging out of the stroller that is. :-)
But here she is being ever so gentle and loving. What a lucky bear. :-)
Shopping Time
Amaya loves to shop. This cute, little grocery cart and the groceries have proven to be a great investment! She goes grocery shopping every day. Now, if only she could drive and go to the real grocery store. :-)

Brrrrr again......
It was only 71 degrees in the house on this morning. Amaya complained that is was cold. These are the moments when I am reminded that she is an Arizona native. Soooo funny! We better not take her to Minot in January!
Trying to warm up before breakfast.


Riecke's said...

Those are great pictures! She is so cute. I was cold this morning too! It was 73 degrees in the house !!!!! Brrrrrrr! Hee hee...isn't it funny how cold is different depending where you are! Thanks for the pics. Miss her! Will gives her love...innocent of course :)

and Brooklyn makes 3! said...

I love the fact that she's only got one sock on! I have a few pics of Miss B like that too!