Sunday, November 22, 2009

While Daddy's Away, His Girls Will Play (and mommy will actually blog)

Hi Daddy! Great Win Today!!!
Scott has been out of town this weekend, so Amaya and I have been having a fun-filled mommy/daughter weekend. Although, at first Amaya wasn't so sure about this fun-filled weekend I promised her. It started out waiting in line Saturday morning in the cold for an injection. But, thanks to Jaxon's awesome daddy (thanks John!!!), we only waited in line for 20-25 minutes. He graciously got in line to wait at 7am so the kiddos could sleep longer and so they didn't have to be in the cold very long (and so they didn't get restless, I might add...they are 2 after all). But, after Amaya got her second H1N1 vaccination (yeah), the weekend quickly looked up.
We next headed to the Midwest Market in Mesa to get midwestern/norwegian provisions for Turkey Day. Amaya loves shopping, so she had a ball. She tried to convince me to buy pickled pig's feet. O.K. Um....I'm going to have to say no to that one Amaya. Sorry baby girl.
After that, Amaya proclaimed, "Mommy, you need to wash your car." O.K. It was pretty bad, I must admit. Someone needed to call me out on it. Thanks for putting me in line Amaya. Next stop, the car wash. There was one conveniently right next door. O.K. So it is now only 915...pretty productive day so far. Where to now?
Story time at Barnes and Noble it is. Turkey stories and turkey art projects...the perfect kick off to Thanksgiving week. :-) After that...I heard a rumor Basha's still had Honey Crisp apples. Sorry friends, we cleaned 'em out. Just kidding...there's a few more left. You better hurry. Next up, a quick lunch....then off to the park, where Amaya was enthralled with watching a couple of 8 or 9-year-olds hopping on pogo sticks. Now what do you think she wants for Christmas?
Next up....nap time/ie mommy time (I got to curl up with a book, some Chai tea, and some classical music...not a bad afternoon). Amaya slept for over 3 hours when I finally woke her and she continued to want to sleep in my arms. Made me a little nervous about her morning injection ....she's not one to need sooooo much sleep. She's like her mommy that way. But...she perked up eventually once it was time for our next fun activity.
Long story short, we've been trying to see "The Cat in the Hat" in it's entirety for about 6-months, and it was on tv at 630. Perfect way to spend an evening with the daughter. Snuggled up watching one of her favorite movies.
That was Saturday. Of course today's activities centered around the Packers. Amaya and I spent 3 1/2 lovely hours at our Sunday hang-out (B-Dubbs). We had soooo much fun and our Packers won!!! Yeah!!!! Amaya has been doing so good when we take her to watch the game with us, but I've never taken her by myself to sit at a bar and grill for over 3 hours watching football. I was optimistic it would go well...but one never can be sure with a toddler. Well, she was soooo good and soooo sweet. She had people stopping by from several other tables to say hi, or tell her how cute she was, or how much they loved her outfit, or how good she was, or how they just want to take her home with them, etc. People are sooo nice. One time during the game she suddenly stood up on her chair, put her arms up and yelled "Go Pack Go!", so no wonder so many people noticed her. :-) But...she fit right in with the crowd cheering on their teams. That's why we love's such a fun atmosphere.
So, since Scotti is celebrating the win in Green Bay with a couple of 49-er fans (and a purple people eater), and neither of the games on tv is interesting....I found myself with time to blog. Wow! Happy Sunday everyone! :-)

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i LOVE that picture of you 2!!!! Like mommy like purdy!!!!!